Starting at $1,500 a month our coaches are full committed to your growth. We are not advisors nor are we mentors, we are apart of your success. After all it is your success that creates our success. Let’s learn about what stage your company is at before we assign you a peak performance coach.

Grow your business faster, more securely and with less risk with rich insight from exited Expert DOJO coaches.  Founders who try to grow a creative and successful business with a coach have higher success rates on all levels.  Here is how it works:

Each member receives all the benefit of our high performance accelerator  (please have a click though to the benefits) and in addition will also benefit from the following

Expert Dojo coaching: 6 reasons why being a member makes sound business sense;

  1. 1:1 business coaching all day that drives accountable, two hours per session and for 2 weeks a month
  2. Monthly mastermind full day meetings (9am – 7pm) with no more than 18 non–competing business minds
  3. We will work with you to create a successful marketing and investment strategy
  4. unlimited subject matter experts speaking to your group and addressing your specific needs
  5. Unlimited access to relevant business events, networks and growth opportunities
  6. Expert DOJO co-own your business expectations and use everything in our power to make them happen
  • Stay connected
  • $0/mo
  • Behind the Scenes
    See what our members are doing.
  • Live feed, selected videos and events!
  • Peak Performance
  • $950
    one time payment
  • 16 weeks course
    to accelerate your business.
    From market validation to investment.
  • Learn, grow, expand and explore!
    Let,s set you up for success.
  • Founders Circle
  • $750/mo
  • Join 7 "like-minded-experts"
    The focus is on collaboration with
    hand picked mentors
    Whos is on your ticket?
  • Apply now to accelerate your growth
    with briliant minds.
  • 1on1 Coaching
  • Project Specific Price
  • Your success is our success.
    We hand select a few top join
    this program.
  • Dedicating our time to become
    part of your team.