Expert Dojo, startup accelerator in Santa Monica, announces that it has provided initial investment to Elude, an automatic travel search engine, showing users everywhere they can travel to give their budget and time off.

”Expert DOJO is delighted to invest in Elude and prepare the world for the future of travel planning. We believe in the team, the customer experience and the implementation to date. We see a bright future for Elude and are proud to be a part of this epic journey,” said Brian Mac Mahon, founder of Expert DOJO.

Frank Scerbo and Alex Simon of Elude are making booking travel and exploring the world incredibly easy. The problem today is the insane amount of time it takes to find a great trip at a reasonable price and book it. We all know we want to travel, and we know how much we’re willing to spend, so what’s the solution? 

“Join the now thousands of explorers that are doing travel better. Start Eluding”, said Alex Simon, CEO of Elude. 

With Elude, you input when you want to get away and your budget, that’s it. You are then shown flight and hotel packages for every city in the world you can get to. Think about it like this; you’ve got $800 and a long weekend coming up. You know you can get to Miami, but wait a minute, Barcelona Spain is also in my budget? Forget about wasting hours finding a trip. Now you have full transparency into the travel marketplace on your terms. See what your time and money are worth.

“There is a huge problem with people not knowing where they can afford to travel to. We are clearing that up,” said Frank Screbo, CMO of Elude.

About Elude:

Elude is a spontaneous travel search engine focusing on a users budget and dates they want to get away. Flight and hotel packages for every city in the world are shown that match the search criteria and make for a quick and straightforward booking experience.A