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5 days of focus to get your startup funded at the Investor Festival

Q4 Investor Festival – Where Startups Meet Investors


You have been working hard building the foundation for a great business. Now its time to meet strategic investors, coaches, founders and advisors who can help you grow to the next level.  Without a doubt we have the highest caliber investors attending and can cater for seed, series A and series B funding.  We have something for everyone.

Here is the great news.  Not only can you get to pitch your business at this Festival but you also get to be a member of the Expert DOJO High performance Academy at no additional cost. All you have to do to be a part of the Investor Festival is to join the Academy here  – There are no other fees to pay and we will take an active part in helping you achieve your funding and business objectives.After you join the Academy you are automatically booked into the conference.  Everything we do at Expert DOJO is to help you achieve success.  Day two is our exception to this as all female founders (not service providers) get to come for free.

Breakdown of the five days


Day 1 – Get Educated – Learn how to raise money from those who know.  

This day is all about learning from experts and exited founders how to successfully raise money for your startup.  We have already had some of the biggest founders and communication specialists in LA commit to training you for success. This is not just about learning the difference between a convertible note and convertible corvette, its about planning for total success in your startup.  Join this session to plan your investment strategy and how to find the right investor.  At this session you will not only learn how to communicate with Investors but you will also practice your own pitch.

10am -1pm – Learn how to communicate your message by the best – Expert DOJO bring in experts Brian Mac Mahon, Mike Weeks and Ryan Foland to help you communicate your message in the right way

1.30pm – 2pm – Learn how create the right financial modeling by the SBDC.  Don’t even think of going to a bank or venture firm without sensible projections.  Andrew  Strachen from the SBDC is the man to guide you through this maze of numbers.

2pm – 5pm – The Secret Behind the Israeli Entrepreneur – A Classified Workshop for Investors and Founders in LA to learn the unique training of the 8200 Cyber Intelligence Unit.  Why do LA founder fail at a rate of 5 times more than Israeli founders?  Expert DOJO base our entire training on this system.  Come and join us to see how your startup can benefit.

Day 2 – Investment For Female founders

10am – 4pm – The second day of the Investor Festival is all about women in business.  Join Expert DOJO, OWL and WITI in helping women create, grow and expand women owned businesses.   We will have female focused VCs and an all female founder audience.  Our objective is to shine a light on the low level of investment in women entrepreneurship and do something about it.  We will not only have educational sessions on how to achieve success as a women in business and mentor sessions by female founders who have made it, but we will also have an inclusive Investor pitch zone which is just for you.  This day is free of charge for female founder everywhere (not service providers).  All we ask is that you pay it forward on the day.  The agenda is as follows:

10 – 10.30 – Women leaders in our community – Nellie Akalpfrom Corpnet talks about how she turned $100 into 20 million.

10.30 – 11 – Women Power Brokers – Jenny Q Ta – How to be an influencer in your community

11 – 11.30 – Erika Dobrin | Casting Director from APP WARS – How to get your startup on a reality TV show

12 – 1pm – – Lunch break

1pm – 3pm – Powered by Expert DOJO – Women startups pitch to 9 women investors

3pm – 5pm – Powered by Owl – Local women leaders tell their stories

5pm – 7pm – Powered by OWL – An evening of networking and connections for female founders.  OWL is a women led organization out of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and a group that every women founder should be a member of.  Join OWL for this 2 hour free mixer to see the strength of women owned businesses in our city.


Day 3 – Investment for seed stage entrepreneurship

At the last Investor Festival we had 4 investors listening to 100 pitches.  This time we will have 10 investors listening to 100 seed to series A pitches (1 minute pitch without presentations) from 10am to noon, then Incubators and Accellerators from 1pm to 3pm and then another 10 investors listening to another 100 pitches from 3pm to 5pm.  We are again going to fly in the most serious early stage investors from around the USA and create the right environment to get our early stage startups funded.

Day 4 – Investment in mid to late stage entrepreneurship & Crowdfunding

At the last Festival we flew in Goldman Sachs, Samsung Ventures and so many more mid to late stage investors and this time will be much more of the same.  This day is all about taking those of you who are on the way to creating a 100 million dollar company (beyond seed) and giving your traction a nudge with the right contacts for you.  Each pitch will be 3 minutes with presentations.  Again we will have three sessions with 7 VCs on a panel from 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm will be reserved for equity crowdfunding listening to pitches and giving feedback and then we will finish with rewards based crowdfunding experts telling you secrets to success

Day 5 – One On One Meetings With Investors

At our last Investor Festival, we had over 300 one-on-one appointments. Expect even more this time. We have an additional mentor day just for you at Expert DOJO where startups will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the institutional investment community, one on one and get direction for your specific business models. We will have the cream of the crop, the most respected leaders in the investment sector on hand to provide the advice and help that startups need to be successful.

Each startup will be able to choose a series of mentors to meet, and we will arrange 7 minute meetings with each one. That gives you three to five possible meetings, as each group will be on site for two hours. We will send you the mentor appointment list one week before the event, and we will allocate appointments on a first-come, first-served basis.   Again, this is just for Expert DOJO Academy members. The one-on-one meetings will wrap up at 4pm.


Expert DOJO started these pay-it-forward events years ago to help our member startups everywhere, and although our focus is business growth, our record of getting our clients into incubators, accelerators and into the pockets of funding sources speaks for itself. These days, we are a full-service academy for entrepreneurship success. Come and let us help you succeed!

This event is for our Expert DOJO Academy Members only. If you would like to join and reap all the additional benefits of doing so, check out our membership page for more information: https://expertdojo.com/upgrade/





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