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Ask Our Experts Anything networking event at Digital Hollywood

Join us from 9.30am to 12 noon on the 23rd of May for an exceptional meeting of great minds.  We will make this a very interactive session with everyone engaging with the panel and the audience.
  • 9.30am – 10am – Its all about brand with expert, Adriana Delor.
  • 10am – 10.45am – Matthew Nordgren from the Arcadian Fund will be joined by Jason Fishman for Q & A on everything you want to know about marijuana but were afraid to ask.
  • 11am – Alison Dollar will join us as the ultimate expert in the entertainment space for more Q & A and Jason, Adriana and Brian Mac Mahon from Expert DOJO will join her to answer questions relating to all aspects of entertainment.
Every year Expert DOJO support our favorite entertainment conference of the year, Digital Hollywood, by creating the most impactful business growth workshops possible. We do this by bringing in experts who know how to take your business to the next level.

This year Expert DOJO and Digital Hollywood are getting together to bring you a half day of asking all the entertainment, cannabis and general startup questions you ever had but were afraid to ask.  Come and join us for an interactive session that is all focused on you, the audience.


The entertainment, Cannabis and general startup world is full of complications, twists and turns, mis information & incredible opportunity.  This causes tremendous confusion for startups and industry experts alike.  For this reason Expert DOJO & Digital Hollywood are proud to bring you the top experts in the field to answer any questions you have.  From 9.30am to Noon expect to meet the top experts in the field in marketing, legal, Investment and every other speciality you can imagine.  They are here for you and the conversation will be full of advice for you to succeed in these industries.


Connect with other startups, Investors, connectors, influencers, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts – check out what they’re doing now, what the future holds and how they’re setting the trends.  Whether you are looking for investors, a mentor, advice or just simply connecting for opportunities – this event is for you.


  • Participate in a fun and interactive event, network and build relationships.
  • Meet face-to-face with up-and-coming startups and view their innovative product & technology displays.
  • Mix with movers & shakers from Los Angeles entrepreneurial and business community.


This session will be run by Expert DOJO sensei, Brian Mac Mahon.  Brian is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has owned companies in over 35 countries.  He is also the owner of Expert DOJO, who are the fastest growing startup accelerator in Southern California. At Expert DOJO early stage startups receive investment, success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. Their patented 12 step accelerator is unlike any other program available and gives direct access to specialists in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, growth hacking and so much more. In 2018 Expert DOJO brought 400 companies through their startup programs and made 20 investments. They are planning to bring 2,000 companies through their program this year and make 50 investments. All you want to know about Brian is contained in his TEDx talk – https://youtu.be/Y6f7lFy0oW0


Bookings are closed for this event.



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