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Crossing the Chasm: How startups can move from the early market to the mainstream market

Crossing the Chasm provides a comprehensive framework and toolkit to enable startup companies to maintain the focus and discipline to grow their businesses to material revenues and profits. Written by acclaimed author and consultant, Geoffrey Moore, the book has sold over 3 million copies worldwide and the principles and tools have been successfully applied in over 500 use cases. Mr. Moore is has been a partner in WildCat Ventures formerly Mohr Davidow Ventures for the past 20 years and has consulted with over 100 portfolio companies to help them scale their businesses.

The CTC toolkit includes a detailed description of how the market self-segments into five different stages of product adoption and how companies need to adapt their product fit and marketing message to each stage as shown on the slide below:

The product fit and marketing approach that works to engage the early market must be flipped in order to successfully engage with the pragmatist buyer in the mainstream market.

The talk will also highlight our 9 Point Go-to-Market Checklist, shown below, which provides a disciplined process to increase the odds of a success product or service launch.

The talk will also feature select use cases to show how the CTC framework and toolkit was implemented and the results it achieved as shown in the Documentum example below:

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