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eCommerce Mastermind

eCommerce is a way to make a lot of money if you do it properly.  Success is not only the product you have but also the sales strategies you use and the brand you own.


At this unique event of its kind at Expert DOJO Expert DOJO want to bring in a group of people who have something to contribute.  If you know nothing about eCommerce then this is not the event for you.  We want eCommerce enthusiasts who want to learn more.  We will share what we know to help all our business grow and everyone will contribute.


We will be discussing on how to get started on selling online, eCommerce best practices, sourcing products, technologies used to streamline the process, social media & new traffic sources, Lead funnels, content marketing, Amazon/eBay pros & cons and the advantages/potential revenues selling on these marketplaces.


At Expert DOJO we help entrepreneurs build businesses every day.  We only surround ourselves with greatness.  Join us for this session and grow your skills with colleagues who know what they are doing.


Bookings are closed for this event.




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