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Expert DOJO Influencer Deal-making Party - Only for Influencers and Deal-makers

As the largest startup accelerator in Southern California, we understand the importance of entrepreneurs and influencers building bonds so that everyone benefits. We have hundreds of companies coming through Expert DOJO and these companies all have the potential to be the next Google, Uber, Fidget Spinner, etc.

We love todays Influencers because you are taking control of your own creative talent. We want to help facilitate aligning yourselves with companies & brands who can pay you what you deserve. We want to make sure the wealth of these companies remains in the hands of the other creators who are a part of their support system. Select Influencers will become a part of the Expert DOJO Influencers Club

This is a party for Influencers to interact with some of LA’s leading technology companies, investors, and community leaders to find opportunities for collaboration. There will also be a workshop led by leading Influencers, advisors and deal-makers to assist Influencers and companies in creating and structuring win-win Influencer marketing agreements.

Some of you may know the story of David Choe who painted a mural for Facebook in the early days. His payment was a small equity share in the company which is now worth $200+ million. Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, Air B & B and many other companies are coming out of California with a high rate of return.

Join us at our Influencer specific party to meet other creative like-minded individuals. We will have light refreshments, immersive entertainment and an opportunity to get into the biggest player in the Silicon Beach startup scene!

Evening Agenda

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Welcome Reception

7:00pm – 8:00pm – Influencer Speaker Panel “How to Monetize Your Influencer Brand”

Justin Szlasa (Founder – IFDB.com) – moderator

Justin Szlasa is the founder of IFDB.com, a software platform that helps marketing teams manage, track, and measure relationships with their brand’s network of influencers and creators. An entrepreneur in tech and media for 20 years, Justin bootstrapped his first company from zero to 11M in annual revenue before exiting to Thomson-Reuters. A critically acclaimed filmmaker, Justin produced the documentary SIDE BY SIDE with Keanu Reeves (92% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes). He lives with his family in LA.

Heidi Nazudrian (CEO – MARQUE MEDIA)

Heidi is a former -investment banker and CEO of a Nasdaq-listed company turned award-winning fashion and lifestyle influencer and is a serial entrepreneur. She has almost a million followers on social media and is regularly featured in mainstream media. This Marie Claire cover girl is also CEO of one of the fastest growing branding and social media agencies in Los Angeles – Marque Media. Heidi resides in Santa Monica but lives on Instagram at @TheAmbitionista

Chelsea Naftelberg (Director of Influencer & Content – ATTENTION)

Chelsea is responsible for building, harnessing & developing a robust network of creators and influencers, as well as supporting digital content output across a variety of brands and categories globally. Born and raised in NYC, Chelsea began her career as a Fine Arts major before transitioning to Marketing at Red Bull North America. She joined ATTENTION in 2014, and in early 2016, moved to LA to take the lead on Influencer Marketing at the agency. Her mixed professional backgrounds give her a unique ability to communicate with artists, creators and clients of all kinds. She is also on the board of WIIM (Women in Influencer Marketing).

Jemie Sae Koo (CEO & Founder – PURVEYOR GROUP)

Jemie is one of the pioneers of the Influencer Marketing space – and is known for being one of the earliest executives working to match brands with talent. Jemie has leveraged built-in audience to secured unprecedented sponsorships, licensing and endorsement deals that exceeded $20M. Notable Influencers managed: Michelle Phan, Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu), HappySlip, iJustine, Esmee Denters, Rhett & Link, David Choi, Kinda Grannis, Jessica Sanchez, Marie Digby, etc. Throughout her career, Jemie led digital and online communications strategies and successfully developed viral campaigns for some of the biggest global brands, including Amazon, Disney, H&M, Intel, Nestle, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Toyota, Taco Bell, and YouTube. Jemie is the CEO & Founder of Purveyorgroup.com – a company focusing on customer acquisition, sales and marketing, and technology development for venture-backed startups and Fortune 500 brands. Ranked as one of the top 100 CMOs on Twitter, you can connect with her @jemiesaekoo.

Performance by Azra!

AZRA is an American recording artist, singer, songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. She released her first EP Freedom along with her two singles “Gravity” and “Shine” this March 2017. Since then, she’s toured with The Plain White T’s on their Southern California high school tour and also shook up the stages at East Coast Pride Festivals. She is also the author of The Cupcake Theory, a self-help relationship book and holds a strong background in management consulting. AZRA’s life long goal is to inspire people to be their authentic selves and live out their dreams. She is a lover of unconventional wisdom and drinking hot water. You can find her on Social Media @TheAzraOfficial or on her website www.azraofficial.com and listen to her music on iTunes and Spotifysmarturl.it/FreedomEP

8:00pm – 10:00pm – Networking/ Partnership opportunities

Please Note: This event is Free only for Influencers, Community Leaders, Investors and Deal Makers based on an exclusive invitation you have received from Expert DOJO. We are only inviting those of you who have the best opportunity to profit from our connections. We will continue to be the glue to the success of the creative community and that means you are the most important component. Come along and enjoy the evening! 🙂

Bookings are closed for this event.




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