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Expert DOJO Influencer Deal-making Party - Where Influencers, Investors and Startups Can Monetize





As the largest startup accelerator in Southern California, we understand the importance of entrepreneurs and influencers building bonds so that everyone benefits.  We have hundreds of companies coming through Expert DOJO and these companies all have the potential to be the next Google, Uber, Fidget Spinner, etc.


We love today’s Influencers because you are taking control of your own creative talent.  We want to help facilitate aligning yourselves with companies & brands who can pay you what you deserve.  We want to make sure the wealth of these companies remains in the hands of the other creators who are a part of their support system.  Select Influencers will become a part of the Expert DOJO Influencers Club


This is a party for Influencers to interact with some of LA’s leading technology companies, investors, and community leaders to find opportunities for collaboration. There will also be a workshop led by leading Influencers, advisors and deal-makers to assist Influencers and companies in creating and structuring win-win Influencer marketing agreements.


Join us at our Influencer specific party to meet other creative like-minded individuals. We will have light refreshments, immersive entertainment and an opportunity to get into the biggest player in the Silicon Beach startup scene!


Please Note: This event is Free only for Influencers, Community Leaders, Investors and Deal Makers based on an exclusive invitation you have received from Expert DOJO.  We are only inviting those of you who have the best opportunity to profit from our connections. We will continue to be the glue to the success of the creative community and that means you are the most important component.  Come along and enjoy the evening! 🙂





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