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Expert Dojo Marketing Seminar: Drive More Revenue In 2016 With These Effective Marketing Programs

Join us for an Expert DOJO networking and mastermind event you cannot afford to miss! Sweta Patel, director of marketing for multiple Silicon Valley enterprise organizations, will host a powerful seminar revealing how you can use proven, revenue driving marketing campaigns for your company in 2016.Book your tickets here.

Free for Expert DOJO members, which is another great reason to join. Register here –


To kick things off, we’ll introduce ourselves and our companies to lead us into a valuable hour of networking.. ripe with JV and partner opportunities. Then we’ll jump straight into reverse engineering YOUR current lead-generation strategies.

 In today’s constantly changing B2B landscape, marketers are expected to pinpoint each and every marketing effort leading to the close. And with today’s multi-touch attribution reports, longer sales cycles & multiple touch points are no longer barricading visibility. The path to conversion is no longer a fairy tale land. It’s real. And it drives MASSIVE growth once you see it. Entrepreneurs, learn how to fuel your marketing programs to drive revenue this year.

 Want your company in the spotlight?

Halfway through our session I will take 5 of you and breakdown your company’s current marketing strategy. This will help you (and everyone else in the room) build a strategy that suits your business goals.

What attendees walk away with:

➢    A visual buyer’s journey mapped out for your company (ready to implement!)

➢    A cutting edge, professional content marketing strategy (make this laborious necessity a breeze)

➢    The importance of setting goals and objectives for marketing efforts.

➢    Blueprints to profitable marketing campaigns that will help your business or organization grow

➢    Live on-the-spot company examples that put our session lessons into real-life practice (an invaluable learning experience)

➢    Marketing math confidence – learn the measurement and analytics you need to know.

➢    a calculation of your next year budget goals

Session Times & What You Will Discover: 

9 AM- 10 AM – Networking

  • ●      Networking is half of makes these events so beneficial.
  • ●      You’ll have the opportunity to JV and partner with one another

10 AM-11 AM – Goal and Budget Development

  • ●      Discover how to reverse engineer the process of generating leads to produce solid numbers for a goal and budget plan.
  • ●      We will take a look at last year’s sales and revenue to project next year’s budget and goals

11:15 AM – 11: 30 AM – Team Collaboration Break

  • ●      We’ll get in teams of three to define goals and budget plans for the year.
  • ●      Further define goals and budgets per quarter.

11:30 AM- 12:30 PM- Content Marketing Strategy

  • ●      Learn how to efficiently develop and implement a sustainable content strategy.
  • ●      Zone in on content audits, messaging mapping, persona development, and repurposing content.
  • ●      Learn to understand the customer journey and how to fit the buyer into it.

12:45 PM-1:45 PM – Lunch

2 PM- 3 PM—Marketing Strategy Blueprint (The process, the framework, the tools)

  • ●      Piece together your customer question strategy for the year
  • ●      Learn how to align your marketing strategy with your goals and budget plans
  • ●      Discover how to build a framework that works with sales and marketing
  • ●      The death and burial of branding campaigns
  • ●      Marketing is a science & why every campaign should drive revenue

3 PM- 3:30 PM- Marketing Strategy Spotlight (5 different customers)

  • ●      We will take 5 companies from the audience and put you in the spotlight.
  • ●      We’ll break down your marketing strategy and help them build a strategy that supports the goals of the business.
  • ●      We will create checkpoints that allow the entrepreneur to stay in touch with their budget and goals for the year.

3:30 PM- 4:30 PM- Measurement and Analytics

  • ●      Marketing is Math. In this session you’ll discover how you can get to know your buyer and measure everything from             ground up.
  • ●      Marketing is about end-to-end tracking
  • ●      The advantage of Multi-touch Attribution – what it is, how to do it & the future of business as we know it
  • ●      How to gauge every touch that led up to your product’s sale (the ultimate revenue driver)

4:30 PM- 5 PM- Bonus: Hiring the Perfect Go-To-Market Team

Why attending is a No-Brainer!

Market trends will continue to change at lightning speeds in 2016. As a B2B marketer, you must adapt your marketing programs, and not only remain competitive, but drive continued future growth. If growth is a focal point of your 2016 plans, acquiring more customers, doubling revenue and using the correct marketing automation solutions are but a few integral pieces of what ultimately makes your marketing program a success.

This seminar will help you avoid common pitfalls in current B2B marketing programs. It will help you piece your programs together, including which marketing automation tools are best for your unique situation. An effective marketing program is crucial to hitting your goals and makes sure you drive more revenue.





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