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Founder festival

Imagine spending a day with the best companies in the world and the most inspirational startups.  How valuable would that be for your startup success?  This is exactly what we have produced for our Academy Members over at Expert DOJO on the 25th of August.  We already know that by following our process we can improve the rate of startup success.  In June we decided to bring in the companies and entrepreneurs who inspire us to teach you those lessons.  Over the first day you can expect to be inspired and educated.  We will focus all our attention on the 12 step heroes journey to get your startup from successful concept to Exit.  On the second day we will have the best startup coaches in LA help you implement all the steps to help you follow in these founders footsteps.  The below are the 12 steps to success we intend to follow on the day:

12 step Hero’s Journey

  • 9.30am – Market Validation
  • 10.30am – Product Fit & branding
  • 11am – Business foundation
  • 12 noon  – Business Plan
  • 1pm – Development & Design
  • 2pm – Team building
  • 2.30pm culture & leadership
  • 3pm – Acquiring users
  • 4pm – Securing investment
  • 5pm – Corporation culture
  • 5.30pm – Scaling
  • 6.pm – IPO / Grow


After the event, we will have drinks on the balcony to celebrate what we as entrepreneurs do every day.

As an Expert DOJO member this is all included at no cost.  Just having you join us is enough.  If you are not a member then join up today and be a part of the largest entrepreneurship community in Southern California – http://expertdojo.com/membership/

Online bookings are not available for this event.




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