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Get The Ultimate Beauty Job In A Rapid Growth Company.

Nessa Brush Spa is the worlds first fully automated, personal makeup brush cleaner. Christine Duell founded Nessa Brush Spa to create the ultimate makeup brush cleaner. Dirty brushes are a known cause of acne breakouts. They cause your makeup to look dry and dull rather than fresh and dewy. We should be cleaning our brushes every week. Yet, we admittedly don’t do it. Why? Because cleaning makeup brushes is tedious. The current methods are frustrating, time consuming, and take too long to dry my brushes. This revolutionary system cleans and dries makeup brushes hands free. Making it the most effective, efficient, and easiest system to use on the market. Nessa Brush Spa is the solution for all women to have clean brushes, and more beautiful skin.


The exciting part is still to come.  The plan for Nessa Brush Spa is to go from a startup company to a multi million dollar multinational through strategies we will explain on the evening.  We are hiring for marketing and business development positions, both paid and contract.  Come along and be a part of the future of beauty.


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