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Lucha Libre Pitch off with Expert DOJO at the Global Ventures Summit

Expert DOJO have teamed up with GVS, the most impactful venture summit in Los Angeles to create a one time event which we think of as extreme mentoring.  We are bringing the top startups in the world into the ring to face 8 of the toughest investors on the planet at one time.  Our investors wont play nice and neither will the startups.  As each weakness is focused on by the investors the startup will defend that position aggressively.  The startup wins only when all 8 investors have been defeated.  Each battle is a maximum of 5 minutes, starting with a 1 minute verbal pitch unless the startups gets defeated earlier.  There are no powerpoint decks, just startups and investors standing toe to toe in the ring.  Startups are fighting for pride and also the chance to impress the investors and lock down investment.  Whether you are a startup looking to prove yourself or you want to watch the ultimate startup battle you don’t want to miss this.  Its all happening at the LA Convention Center this Tuesday at 3pm on the main stage.


Here is a little more about the Global Venture Summit and why its so important that we are bringing Silicon Valley to you.  Silicon Valley funds, entrepreneurs and influencing founders tour the world for the first time through GVS. Global Ventures Summit seeks to level the playing field and support the best business ideas, startups and entrepreneurs coming out of every city on the planet. GVS gathers over $30B in Silicon Valley and International investors with a reach of over 3.5 Million people. After the inaugural 2017 success, GVS Los Angeles 2018 is planned to make more funding available to US and global Entrepreneurs. GVS will bring successful entrepreneurs and investors to meet – and fund – the next generation of global startup founders.

90% of the startups have already been chosen to fight, however, if you would like a chance to go on stage then come to our booth at the Global Venture Summit on Tuesday morning and add you name to the wait list.


The Global Venture Summit is a 2 day conference for startups.  Here is what else you can expect to see there.


Investment Professionals

  • Gain access to hundreds of early stage, exclusive deals before anyone knows about them.
  • Meet hundreds of startups under one roof and find your next investment.
  • Meet with regulatory, policy and government leaders from around the globe and start the dialogue for global investment partnerships.

Startup Founders

  • Meet hundreds of powerful investors from around the world.
  • Enter the GVS Pitch Battle and compete for your chance to win $50,000 in investment and a trip to Silicon Valley to meet with investors.
  • Pitch your startup directly to investors and gain funding, investment and mentoring support.
  • Exhibit your startup, refine your elevator pitch and get the world out about what you’re working on.
  • Network and share ideas with fellow startup founders.

Policy Makers

  • Learn how to support a startup ecosystem in your region.
  • Meet with potential investors and entrepreneurs
  • Understand why economic growth for your city, state or country is reliant on investment in the startup community.











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