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Hear directly from a Silicon Beach angel investor, Sonya Sepahban, and engage in an intimate conversation about the importance of company culture. Also share your own stories about ingredients of “great” company culture, and how we can all work towards it.




We have all heard many investors talk about investing in a TEAM, not an idea or a product. What you may not hear specifically is the CULTURE word, but the truth is a TEAM’s culture is in fact what many investors are looking for;  Is the team collaborative and allowing of different perspectives? Are they hard working, problem solvers? How innovative are they?  These are all factors that contribute to the company’s culture, which has been correlated to success because it plays a major role in attracting the best candidates, retaining them and enabling them to perform at their best level.


Join us on Monday, November 13th to share stories, learn, and brainstorm together on what defines great company culture and how we can help you with the challenges you’re facing with your startup.




You are able to get FREE tickets to this huddle if you spend 2 minutes of your time taking a short survey. You will help with research on company culture. Send an email to us at Team@JoinIN.la after you complete the survey to get the discount code for free tickets to the Huddle. That’s a win for you and for the whole startup ecosystem!  



6:30-6:45   Networking

6:45-7:15   Introductions and Goal Setting

7:15-7:30   Overview: Company Culture, What it Means, and Why Investors Care about Your Startup Culture?

7:30-8:30   Your Use Cases, Peer Collaboration, and Mentoring

8:30-9:00   Wrap-up and More Networking


Huddles provide a safe and friendly environment to discuss your challenges and get immediate feedback, fresh ideas, resource recommendations, and much more.  If you have been to a Huddle before, you know the more specific you are about your challenge and needs, the more benefit you can get from it.


Our sessions sometimes go past the scheduled end time; all are always welcome to stay and share a glass of wine and continue the conversation.





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