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Join Expert Dojo and our Investor friends on a scouting tour at the Startup Nation, Israel!

Join Expert DOJO as we go on our most exciting trip of the year to Israel to find the greatest startups on the planet.  The team at Expert DOJO scout for great startups all over the world but each year we make sure we do not miss the big trip to Israel to join our partners BDO in paving a path for those scaling companies to come to Los Angeles.


This year we are going to bring 5 investor friends to join us for every aspect of the trip and showcase you alongside us to the Israel startup community.

We are very excited with our preparations for a tour to Israel that will take place between May 30th-June 2nd, where we will join BDO’s Techweek Festival that hosts various Tech related events. BDO, who has been a great partner for Expert Dojo’s operation, will host us on different events where we will get to witness in live not just the hottest trends in the growth emerging markets but direct interactions with local Israeli venture operations. This will be an exclusive opportunity to meet in person extremely talented Israeli Startups, before they make it to the US market.

Here are some of the events we will attend during our visit:

  • Startech: Annual investors-startups summit that this year will focus on Fin-Tech
  • Technovation: the grand Tech event that will take place at the Habima Israel National Theater and will focus on Productivity
  • Startups Gala Event: meet, greet and discuss the challenges and solutions of Israeli Startups; main focus on Prop-Tech this year.
  • Cyber Event: the trendiest Cyber topics, threats and solutions
  • Foreign funds meet Israeli Startups: the opportunities, challenges and ways to overcome obstacles; Why good startups don’t get to the growth stage and how can that be prevented.

Food and beverages will be provided at all events and on top of that, we would love to make you and your guests’ visit valuable by getting you directly connected with local points of contact, just let us know what you may be looking for!


On this trip we all go together and cover our own cost for flights and hotels.  Whats important is that we go as one group working together to expand our knowledge about a nation who have more unicorns than any other and invest in the next wave.  Contact Brian@expertdojo.com to enquire about joining us on the trip.



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