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Largest Q1 Startup Accelerator in Southern California

From January the 9th to March the 31st we will have over 100 startups go through the Expert DOJO accelerator.  The objective will be to train you in every aspect of startup so that you are ready to expand your business like a ninja.  To succeed you need to have a lot of diverse skills and this is why we have some of the top investors in LA on hand to train you week after week.  We also have some of the top exited entrepreneurs on hand as well to guide you past the pitfalls which are waiting for every new entrepreneur.  Make no mistake.  Our objective is your success.  There is no glory in failure so come with a mindset of absolute focus.

Our accelerator is by application only so we can take the companies which are ready.  APPLY HERE.

The week by week of the accelerator is listed below and details of the final Investor Festival can be found HERE

I. Setting Milestones & Objectives (Jan. 9th – 13th)

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is jumping into a business without a plan. Where do you want to be in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. How will you get there? Everyone comes to Expert DOJO at different stages of their business. We want to understand where you are / where you want to be so we can provide a valuable roadmap to get there.


 MONDAY – Webinar Case Study (Special Guest)

 WEDNESDAY – Creative Strategy Collaboration Session with Expert DOJO

 FRIDAY – Office Hours with Expert DOJO

II. Market Validation and Value Propisition (Jan. 16th – 20th)

Is a Great Dane a good fit for a Studio Apartment? Do you ever see maple trees growing in the desert? Have you ever sold a mega phone to a monk? The answer to most of the questions is no. No, because they are not a good fit. This week is all about testing your market. You will learn about who is fit your product, the size of the market, and have a complete understanding on what your avatar looks like.


MONDAY – Webinar Market Validation and Revene Models Expert Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Validate your business workshop and collaboration

FRIDAY – Market Validation course and office hour follow ups

III. Peak Performance Workshops (Jan. 23 – 27)

This week is dedicated to collaborating with experts. Our whole space will be transformed into a collaboration station filled with performance corners. Tuesday – Thursday we will bring in exited entrepreneurs prepared to pay it forward. We will also have open mastermind tables for all of our members to engage and help each other. This week is all about surrounding yourself with peak performance.


MONDAY – Q&A with Exited Entrepreneurs

WEDNESDAY – Collaboration workshop

FRIDAY – Collaboration stations (Marketing, UX/UI, Team Building, Funding, NLP)

IV. Communication (Jan. 30th – Feb. 3rd)

Communication is vital in all aspects of business. Pitches go beyond standing in front of investors. If we fail to communicate our message to customers, founders, employees, partners, investors we will lose their support. This week our focus is on how to deliver your message effectively.

“If you give people a good enough ‘why’, they will always figure out the ‘how’.” – Jordan Belfort


MONDAY – Effective Communication Expert Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Communication workshop and collaberation

FRIDAY – Communication Office Hours

V. Investment 101 (Feb. 6 – 10th)

This week’s focus is Investment education. We will bring in Start Engine to teach people all about Investment. What you should be looking for, ways to raise money, and success cases.


MONDAY – Investment Strategy Session

WEDNESDAY – Start Engine Workshop

FRIDAY – Office Hours with Investors

VI. Securing Foundation (Feb. 13th -17th)

The focus of this week is on foundation. Our phillosophy is think like a startup and act like a corporation. Destrications are like wildflowers that spourt effortlessly from pivots, investors sightings, and user growth. It is easy to forget about securing our foundation and values before moving forward.


MONDAY – Bullet Proof Foundation Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Corporation Responsibilites Meetup

FRIDAY – Legal & CPA Office Hours

VII. Product Fit (Human Centric Design) (Feb. 20th – 24th)

Beware! You are now being watched more carefully than ever before. Virtually every single platform that you are on has thousands of eye balls viewing what you are doing. While transmedia and social platforms are extremely powerful tools, with great power comes great responsibility.

Let’s set up a time to look at your brand, avatar customers, and value propositions to ensure you are delivering the right message everywhere!


MONDAY – The Perfect Fit Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Finding your fit collaberation session (FIT = Customer Profile + Value Propisition + UI)

FRIDAY – Office hours with Designers, Developers, and Creatives

VIII. User Growth (Feb. 27th – March 3rd)

There are several methods to growing users: word of mouth, cold calls, warm calls, SEO, Google ads, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat, gorilla marketing, etc. This list could go on an on.

This week we want to put you in good hands to make sure you are using all the mediums effectively.


MONDAY – Marketing Monday Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Marketing Plan collaberation workshop

FRIDAY – Office Hours with Expert DOJO and Peak Performing Marketing Firms

IX. Business Plan (March 6th – 10th)

Let’s start putting all together under one plan, the business plan.


MONDAY – My New Plan Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Building Business Plans Workshop

FRIDAY – Business Plan Office Hours

X. Efficiencies & Automation (March 13th – 17th)

Time is our most limited resources. The principles behind the book “The 4 Hour Work Week” suggests we spend more time designing our lifestyles, and less time devoted to activities that don’t support our ideal picture.

In order to help you master your time we have created a tutorial of software that successful entrepreneurs use to be more efficient. We will take an in-depth look into automation software, which are the most effective; the 5 biggest distractions; and how to streamline your business.


MONDAY – How to Save Time Case Study

WEDNESDAY – Building an efficient business collaboration workshop

FRIDAY – Office hours with SAS software providers

XI. Building a Team (March 20 – 24th)  

This week arrange a time with one of our Fortune 500 executive team building and leadership coaches. Learn best practices that sexy companies from startups to corporations use to hire, motivate, mentor and retain great talent for your company’s continued success.


MONDAY – Fun team building activity day

WEDNESDAY – Team building workshop with Fortune 500 Executive coach

FRIDAY – Office Hours with DOJO &&HR specialists

XIII. DOJO Investor Festival ((March 27th – March 31st))

Investor festival and Demo Day


An entire 4 days of Investor Pitching so your business gets the maximum exposure possible.  We will have investors from NYC, Boston, San Francisco and Los ANgeles.  This is the reason for it all.  We want your business to explode.

Online bookings are not available for this event.



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