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Learn how great messaging can improve business success by over 30%

You’re in for a real surprise in this workshop. The format will be a 30-minute fireside chat with Rob Lubow, the first investor in Mad Mimi. We’ll gain insight into how the company went from zero to over a $40 million valuation. And we’ll learn how the founder’s insistence on only publishing extremely well-written copy and content played a key role in their growth.

We’ll look at actual before/after examples of written content improved by the same revision process on which Mad Mimi often relied. Rob will then turn his attention on the audience to growth hack your written communication challenges. Please send the first draft of copy or content to be growth hacked to brian@expertdojo.com

You’ll learn how emails, blog posts, web copy, press releases and written messaging in every facet of your business can either destroy your brand or crush your competition.

Rob Lubow, the founder of CopyRevision.com, was the first investor in Mad Mimi, which was acquired by GoDaddy in 2014 for over $40 million. Learn about the role that quality messaging played in growing this company from zero to a multi-national giant.

More importantly, learn how to implement the same communication strategies in your business that made Mad Mimi and so many other companies successful for dimes on the dollar.

This workshop isn’t one you can afford to miss!





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