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Introduction session to Build a Million Dollar a Year eCommerce Business From Scratch - FREE EVENT.

Have you ever wondered how certain people have been able to create $10,000 to $50,000 a month businesses from thier own website, Amazon and Ebay with little effort.  How are they finding the products, managing inventory and negotiating the whole buyer / seller process?  Its easy to think that these ventures are too difficult but you would be wrong if thats what you do think.  The growth of eCommerce businesses in the last 5 years has been on an unprecedented level and has challenged everything we thought about retailing.

Warren Buffet just sold all his Walmart stock and bought Amazon stock with a ten year view to the future.  eCommerce is how business is being done right now and Amazon have made it clear with their mission statement that they intend to dominate absolute everything.  If we know that their whole platform is a foundation for our sales then why would we not take advantage of it or adopt similar stratagies to build our own?

As of 2014, Amazon’s mission statement is: To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.

At this first event of its kind at Expert DOJO we want to not only show you the way to get into this lucrative business but we will give you all the tools to be successful. Our speaker is world renowned online seller and trainer,Christofir Krihkori, President and CEO of Dropwiser

Come to our evening event and find out a little about our upcoming workshop where you will learn Step by Step Instructions: From Niche Selection, Technology Training to Build a Scalable Business, to Effectively taking Advantage of new Traffic Sources.

Don’t Waste your Time on Fast Money Schemes and Programs offered online, Join our team to get guidance on building a legit and profitable dropship business.

We Will be Discussing on How To Get Started on Selling Online, eCommerce Best Practices, Sourcing Products, Technologies Used to Streamline the Process, Social Media & new Traffic Sources, Amazon/eBay Pros & Cons and the advantages/potential revenues selling on these marketplaces.

Eager to get started – then skip the intro session and book the Full day workshop directly HERE

Bookings are closed for this event.




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