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Milestone Sprint Program

We are kicking off our new Milestone Sprint Program! Come join us from 10am – 1pm.

As we lead up to our next Investor Festival it’s important that we track what milestones you have created for your company. During this program we will set specific deliverables to keep your company accountable. Typically these deliverables fall in one of the three categories each month: product and features, marketing / user growth, and investment. We set our main goal for the next 18 months and then come up with a month by month plan to get there.

Where it get’s exciting is within the fact that over 6,000 investors will have the chance to track your progress along the way. We’ve heard from all of the investors= that in the early stages of business we invest in the people and what they can accomplish more than the actual idea or market itself. The problem was no program is keeping them accountable and setting up a system to showcase the progress they are making towards their goal.

Each Tuesday from 10am – 1pm you’ll join a table specific to your monthly objectives. The weekly meetings will go over

– updates on progress
– obstacles you’ve encountered
– Advice from Experts
– Feed back from other entrepreneurs

Use this team of entrepreneurs and industry experts to give you some creative ideas to move forward.

Program in total is $500 / month. Come Tuesday for FREE to check it out.

Online bookings are not available for this event.




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