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Mobile Lava: Getting it built!

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As many entrepreneurs soon discover there are many ways to build a mobile solution. The right approach depends on audience, usage, functionality, business goals, availability of engineers and cost. In fact, some may even realize that certain business goals may suggest not building an app right away. Mobile solutions also need to consider lots of other aspects like the use of third party technologies, messaging, notifications, and device-specific functionality. Furthermore, young startups looking for capital need to be cognizant of their product and technology roadmaps among a tech-savvy venture community.

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Sergio C. Muñoz, SVP at HOTB Software, will moderate an amazing panel of experts to help us answer questions like:

What’s the difference between developing for iOS, Android and Windows? Should I build for all 3?
How do I find a CTO? Do I even need one?
Should I outsource my development or find my own engineers?
Should I build my solution as a native code, using a framework or as mobile web?
How do these factors affect cost?
How can I avoid hurdles with app stores?
What are some of the common pitfalls in the development process?
How do VC’s and other capital providers view technology choices when making funding decisions?
How can capital providers help in sourcing CTO’s and other tech resources?
Join Mobile LAVA on Wednesday, 3/16/2016 at 6:45pm to meet the panelists and network with industry experts and up and coming entrepreneurs.

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