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NYC Startup Investment Club

Whether you are an investor looking for better returns on your money or a startup looking for investment you will not want to miss this event.


Expert DOJO are the largest startup venture studio in Southern California and host the largest Investor Pitch event in the country. Three times a year we have over 800 startup pitches to some of the biggest investors in the United States over a 5 day period.  There are no panels, no grandstanding, no mentoring, just investment conversations between great startups and active investors.  Many companies have received significant  investment though Expert DOJO over the years and built really strong investment relationships thanks to our help.


Many of those same investors see the value of Expert DOJO in our startup milestone tracker and startup  sales funnel.  This is powerful because normally investors have to make decisions about potential startups success based on gut or potential and these are just not good indicators.  Our ability to work with startups though our milestone sprint and venture studio give us the unique ability to be able to document a companies achievements as they progress in their journey and also have these achievements measured against projections from day 1.


Over the past 2 years many amateur investors have come to market in the hope of finding startups on equity crowdfunding websites but find it hard to know the potential of a company to exit in the future based on a video and a powerpoint investor deck.  We at Expert DOJO have recognized this and in addition to the hundreds of established angels and venture investors we are working with, we have decided to include newer investors and educate you as to what makes a great startup opportunity and what does not.  We will also bring top level startup companies and let them explain their product potential to you in an interactive environment where you.get an informed decision rather than a pitch.  We want to be the Motley Fool of Startup Investing with the greatest startup funnel in the United States to benifit you, the investor.


On the 3rd of October at 6pm we are inviting Startups and investors to join us to hear about our investor club from both sides of the discussion.  This will be an informal presentation and networking event with a lot of emphasis on your questions.  We see a massive opportunity in the seed stage of the investment world, and this is where we believe the best investment returns are.  join us as we show you why.


Our agenda for the evening will be as follows


6.30pm – Intro to Investor Club by Brian Mac Mahon – CEO of Expert DOJO

7.00pm – Legal talk by Michael J Wieser on legalities of the new investor landscape

7.30pm – 4 Expert DOJO startups pitch investment needs (Algo Lead, TOI, Smart CSM and FitPlan).

8.00pm – Networking & Close at 9pm

Bookings are closed for this event.




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