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OUTSIDE PARTNER EVENT - Zero to One - Grow your business at Digital Hollywood with those who have already done it before


Every year Expert DOJO support our favorite entertainment conference of the year, Digital Hollywood, by creating the most impactful business growth workshops possible. We do this by bringing in experts who know how to take your business to the next level.


This year is even more exciting because we are going to not only bring in some of the best growth hackers in Los Angeles to guide you, but we are also going to arrange our session in a mastermind format.  This powerful way of learning is so impactful because you not only get to learn from experts but you also get to work with peers.


Our venue is also spectacular at the Skirball conference center.  Bring every problem your company has with you and let Expert DOJO, our experts, Digital Hollywood and the crowd help you solve them.   Expect us to have trusted specialists in all 7 pillars of the Expert DOJO success Academy –our strong focus though will be on growth of your project and business no matter if you are launching a movie, a studio, a marketplace or a tech product.  We will cover it all.:


  • Brand
  • Influence
  • Outreach
  • Foundation
  • Mindset
  • Community
  • Investment


This event is for Expert DOJO members and non members.  We want you all to benefit from this.  For all of you who are wondering why our membership is so popular, you are going to find out with our morning of hectic business growth activity.  here is a list of some of our mentors and experts:


  • Brian Mac Mahon – Investment & Community
  • Ryan Foland   – Build your influence
  • Page ostrow – Get your movie funded
  • Sean McSweeney – Zero to one


Here is a little more about our speakers:



Brian Mac Mahon is a serial entrepreneur and investor and has owned companies in over 35 countries.  He is also the owner of Expert DOJO, who are the fastest growing startup accelerator in Southern California. At Expert DOJO early stage startups receive investment, success coaching, advice, and specialist help in all areas of their business growth. Their patented 12 step accelerator is unlike any other program available and gives direct access to specialists in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, growth hacking and so much more. In 2017 Expert DOJO brought 400 companies through their startup programs and made 4 investments. They are planning to bring 2,000 companies through their program this year and make 25 investments. All you want to know about Brian is contained in his TEDx talk – https://youtu.be/Y6f7lFy0oW0



As an international keynote speaker and Managing Partner of InfluenceTree, Ryan Foland helps executives harness the power of vulnerability and authenticity to build better, more relatable, more profitable brand identities. Recognized by Inc. Magazine as a Top Youth Marketer and named a Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur Magazine, Ryan helps thought leaders create and syndicate content that reveals their whole self to drive differentiation, growth, and loyalty. He highlights the expertise of people within companies as the core talent behind the corporate brand, which drives reputation, trust and more clients to their businesses. He is also the inventor of 3-1-3® Method, a process whereby pitches begin as three sentences, condense into one sentence and then boil down to three words. Learn more at ryanfoland.com



has arranged financing and/or negotiated distribution for over 200 feature films and numerous socially conscience documentaries. Speaking on film industry panels in Cannes, Sundance, Toronto Film festivals to name a few, Ostrow ran the largest film representation company worldwide. Currently Ostrow launches, guides and mentors startups and entrepreneurs of all kinds and speaks on panels seeking, contributing and supporting investment for new businesses.



Sean is a serial entrepreneur and currently founder and CEO of Apache Health, a healthcare predictive analytics company.  Prior to Apache Health, Sean co-founded and was the President of Cobalt Health, a leading national laboratory revenue cycle management (RCM) company with over 125 employees. Sean led Cobalt to be the largest toxicology and molecular diagnostics laboratory RCM company in the country.  Cobalt Health was acquired in 2015 by a private equity group doing a rollup.  He is a avid believer in lean startup methodologies, rapid prototyping, and testing to validate market hypotheses.  Sean holds an MBA with honors from the Columbia Graduate School of Business, as well as a bachelor’s degree with honors in electrical engineering from Dartmouth College.

Expert DOJO is the largest fast growth startup accelerator in Southern California and has had over 400 companies go through our program in 2016 culminating with the largest Investor Demo Day in the United States (over 840 startups pitching to over 85 active investors).  We not only train and connect companies but we also invest in them through our fund. The reason we have such a high success rate for startups is, not only because of our focus on business growth but also because of our large selection of amazing specialists and coaches who are dedicated to helping startups succeed.  Everything you need to know about Expert DOJO is HERE 


Our tickets are limited so claim your place now.  This is our only workshop of the month which non academy members can join so don’t miss it.



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