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Pitch your business for funding at the Arena Festival

Pitch one on one to the Arena Fund

From 2pm to 5pm Expert DOJO Academy members (join here) to have one of the most progressive new venture funds in Los Angeles hear you pitch in their search for the best new companies to fund in LA.  The entire afternoon will be companies pitching to Paige Craig himself along with his lieutenants and all you have to do is impress him to get a full pitch meeting scheduled.   You all have 2 minutes each and if its way outside his wheelhouse then he will stop you early.  You can use slides and just bring them with you on a memory stick.

Meet up to 40 more investors during our power mentoring hour

If Arena did not choose your pitch as one of their favorites then don’t worry because we have gone to the trouble of bring in some of the biggest names in investment to mentor and listen to your startup idea.  From 5 – 6.20pm there will be a mentor evening just for you at Expert DOJO where startups will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the institutional investment community and get direction on your own business.  We will have the cream of the most respected leaders in the investment sector on hand to provide the advice and help that startups need to be successful.  Each startup will be able to choose the mentors to meet with and we will arrange 10 minute meetings with each one.  That gives you 8 possible meetings.  You will be able to choose your mentors at the start of the day or just decide to mingle during this 80 minute period.  We have listed them all below for you so you can research who you want to meet beforehand.

REGISTER FOR IT ALL HERE – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pitch-your-business-at-the-arena-festival-tickets-21606447466

Maybe the greatest line up ever of investors who want to help and mentor the startup community

  • Laurent Ruben – French Accelerator
  • Tom Schreiber – Tech Coast Angel
  • Kaitlyn Powell – CAA Ventures
  • Richard Wolpert – Accel ventures
  • Robert Morrissette – Primerium Foreign Capital
  • Jennifer Zhang –Cybernaut Venture
  • Randy Churchill – Square One Bank
  • Garrett Gilbertson – LH Ventures
  • Jack kn tsai – Active Independent Angel
  • Eric Pakravan – Amplify LA
  • Viviana Zarragoitia – Three Point Capital
  • Brannack McLain – Montgomery Conference
  • Shahin Farshchi – LUX Capital
  • Anthony Valencia – Tech Coast Angels
  • Ash Kumra – Tech Coast Venture Network
  • Zoltan Bernat – Expert DOJO venture specialist
  • Mike Weeks – Independent Angel
  • Sam Blan – Blak Box Group
  • Two partners from a new fund – B Capital
  • Evan Kinne – Active Investor
  • Selina Troesch – Touchdown Ventures
  • Mark Hiralde – Helped write the JOBs Act.
  • Bill McGraw – Wavefront Vetures
  • Ryan Crownholm – Active Investor
  • Gracye Cheng – Yang Ventures
  • Matt Thompson – Tech Coast Angels
  • Lucas Judice – Mid Stage Ventures
  • Fergus Furlong – Elite Crowdfunders
  • Asher Leids – Active Angel Investor
  • Kinsey Cronin – Start Engine
  • Adrian Bolosan – Seek Capital
  • Mc Kenna Walsh – Venture specialist from San Francisco
  • John Lasco – Investor
  • Brent Imai – Tech Coast Angels
  • Jenny Q. Ta – VC Network

  • Shinta W. Dhanuwardoyo – VC Network

  • Kamran Kamar – Tech Coast Angels
  • Jeremy Khan – Camden Hyde Investments

6.30 – 7.30pm – Our thank you to investor mentors for supporting the startup community

We have discovered that evening drinking events do nothing for the startup community so we are going to try something different.  This next hour is just for the mentors who have been supporting you all day.  We want to thank them for stepping up to help the startup community and we want to find out which companies they liked and why.  We all know that Los Angeles needs our investment community to succeed so we will be finding out information on behalf of you, our startups, to see how we can streamline the whole investment process for you.  We will feedback to you everything we find out.

Expert DOJO

Expert DOJO started these pay it forward events years ago to help our member startups everywhere and although our focus is business growth, our record of getting our clients into incubators, accelerators and into the pockets of funding sources speaks for itself.  Come and lets us help you succeed.

To join Expert DOJO as a academy member and have access to this event, free conferences, free startup workshops, CEO roundtables and so much more – https://expertdojo.com/membership/

About Arena Ventures

Arena Ventures makes seed stage investments in technology startups led by entrepreneurs that are uniquely positioned to transform their industry and create new markets. We take a disciplined approach to seeking out atypical founding teams during the earliest days of their companies, focus intensely on understanding their background and personality, and hold a reputation for fighting hard to help them win. We invest in people first, companies second.





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