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Investor only Whiskey Tasting to celebrate our new fund


This fun mixer is for institutional investors, Angel Investors, alternative Investors ICO investors and novice investors only.


We at Expert DOJO are so grateful for all that our Investors have done for us this year that we want to thank you with a Whiskey tasting of the best Whiskeys from the homeland. (yes that’s Ireland)  All year you have been supporting our startups with mentoring, advice and investment and now we want to pay back a little of that Investor love with a fun evening for our friends.


We want to share our journey from mentorship to a full pre-seed fund and align the startups we attract to the companies you want to invest in.  Pre-seed money is a vital part of the investment ecosystem and we are proud to be supporting the great companies of tomorrow.


We also want to share our plans for the first public experiential accelerator.  We want to pull back the curtain and show the public what happens in an accelerator in Silicon Beach.  We think you will like what you see.


We also know that you have your own startups who you want to keep in front of other investors so you are welcome to invite your number one favorite startup to join you.  We will have a few of the companies who have already gone through our program on site to share their experiences with you.  Expect whiskey and entertainment and great connections and no pitching.


Jonathan will be hosting our Whiskey table with tales of why certain whiskeys are better than others and we will have the good stuff on display.


KC Chocolatier will have some wonderful treats for our investor friends, which are produced from third-generation family recipes. Our chocolates are made with the finest and purest ingredients using no preservatives. Superior skill and creativity have resulted in this unique product. We are dedicated to “green” principles of sourcing sustainable cocoa, generating much of our own renewable energy, recycling by-products from chocolate production, and giving back to the community through our partnership with the “Cocoa For Schools” charity. Give a gift of KC Chocolatier with confidence that it will be much enjoyed!


If you are a startup please do not RSVP for this.  This event is just for investors.

Bookings are closed for this event.




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