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Tampon Tribe - Run4Women

Tampon Tribe’s Run4Women

We are going for a run in Santa Monica. Help us fuel the launch of Tampon Tribe and support Girls Inc, which inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

You get an awesome accessory. You might win a prize. You will make a difference. So get out and run for your sister / girlfriend / mom / aunty / little old lady who has been serving you donuts for years is counting on you. Be nice to them, #Run4Women.

How it Works: Share your run with #TamponTribe Social Tags ( We’ll be watching 😉 )

Signup for Run. Meet us at Crescent Park. Strategically place your headband. Enjoy our 10k, 5k, 3k or stay at the park and enjoy yoga options. RUN or Walk or Dance or Swim or Fly or Ride a horse. Keep Running or doing the activity you committed to for Women! Take a picture and share that you care (#TamponTribe). There will be prizes. Relax at the finish line and enjoy a cold beverage at Expert DOJO.

10am – Headband T-shirt Collection and Swag

11am – Warm up lead by really really ridiculously good fitness instructors

After warm up we RUN

Be creative for a chance to win our prizes.  Share this event everywhere you’re part of the Tribe, Tampon Tribe. We like you 😉

Who we are and Why you should run

Tampon Tribe is bringing 100% organic cotton tampons to your door that are toxic-free, sustainable, compostable, and affordable. Check us out Tampon Tribe.

Our Higher Purpose

To rid the planet of discarded plastic tampon applicators that kill our marine and wildlife. To eliminate harsh chemicals used in tampon bleaching that destroy our Earth. To end toxins in feminine hygiene products that cause cancer and illness. To fight against bad guys and change the world one tampon at a time.

Learn more about Girls Inc.





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