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The Biggest Startup Pitch event in the USA - 850 start up pitches for 150 Expert DOJO Members

Q1 Investor Festival – Where Startups Meet Investors


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You have been working hard building the foundation for a great business. Now its time to meet strategic investors who can provide you the investment you need to grow to the next level.  Without a doubt we have over 80 of the highest caliber investors attending and can cater for seed, series A and series B funding.  We have something for every great startup.

Here is the great news.  Not only can you get to pitch your business at this Festival but you also get to be a member of the Expert DOJO startup accelerator for 4 months at no additional cost. All you have to do to be a part of the Investor Festival is to join the Academy here  – There are no other fees to pay and we will take an active part in helping you achieve your funding and business objectives.  After you join Expert DOJO you are automatically booked into the conference.  Everything we do at Expert DOJO is to help you achieve success in investment, user growth and company value.  

Breakdown of the five days

Day 1 – Investment training For Female founders

We want to focus on our female entrepreneurs all day with one on one coaching to prepare you for the pitching on Day 3.  We will have specialists on hand to work with you on every single stage of the process including communication, value proposition, presentation skills and scaling opportunities.  All training sessions will be on a reservation only basis. All you need to do is let us know that you want us to reserve time for you at jon@expertdojo.com


Day 2 – Pitching training for seed stage entrepreneurship

At the last Investor Festival some startups come into the event with a pitch and prayer.  This time we have really got you ready.  Not only have you had the 12 week pre accelerator to get you in practice but you are also going to have a day of training from our experts. The day will be kicked off at 11am with pitching practice for what every entrepreneur should know and we will continue until 3.30pm. Our mentors will be on site to help you on your way.  This day has no investors and is just to get you feeling good about Wednesday.

The day will finish off with an incredible session at 3.30am with the infamous Ron Miller from Start Engine who will teach what every entrepreneur should know to be successful.  Don’t miss this.

Day 3 – Early stage pitching to Investors

Last year we had 30 Investors judge your early stage pitches.  All are looking for early stage investments and all will give you feedback and help along the way.  At every Investor Festival we have had companies invested in and we want this to be the same.  Bring your best pitch between 10am and 12pm or 3pm to 5pm.  Both sessions are below.  Just choose the one with the investors you like best:

10am to 12pm:

K5 Ventures & LAVA
Benjamin Tsai- Angel investor
LDR Ventures
3 seperate active Angel Investors
Correlation Ventures & Luma Ventures
Mankind Venture Group
Anthony Valencia- Pasadena Angels

3pm to 5pm:

TenOneTen Ventures
Scopus Ventures
Scopus Ventures
Scopus Ventures
Interstate Ventures
Watermark VC
Midstage Ventures
Wavefront Ventures
Snail Games

Day 3 – Evening Flash Tequila Party (sponsored by Dulce Vida Tequila)

After 16 weeks of classes and intense investor pitching we want everyone to be able to let your hair down.  Come and join us for drinks and networking with the best startups and investors in LA.  We work and code all day so lets take a moment to enjoy all we have achieved.  From 6pm to 9pm lets meet new people and expand our network.

Day 4 – Later stage pitching (Expert DOJO Approved only – Series A plus)

At the last Festival we flew in Goldman Sachs, Samsung Ventures and so many more mid to late stage investors and this time will be much more of the same.  This day is all about taking those of you who are on the way to creating a 100 million dollar company (beyond seed) and giving your traction a nudge with the right contacts for you.  Each pitch will be 3 minutes with presentations.  We will have one session from 11am to 2pm with our 15 later stage companies and our later stage venture companies.  Our intention is to find the best match between Investors and Startups so you can go on to do great things together.

Our list of Investors to pitch to are (this is only for later stage series A members:

Blarney Ventures
Late stage Angel
Luma Ventures
Wildcat VC
Snail Games
Goldman Sachs
Nextgen Ventures
Crosscut Ventures
Morgan Stanley

Day 5 – One On One Meetings With Investors

At our last Investor Festival, we had over 350 one-on-one appointments. Expect even more this time. We have an additional mentor day just for you at Expert DOJO where startups will have the opportunity to meet with leaders in the institutional investment community, one on one and get direction for your specific business models. We will have the cream of the crop, the most respected leaders in the investment sector on hand to provide the advice and help that startups need to be successful.

Each startup will be able to choose a series of mentors to meet, and we will arrange 7 minute meetings with each one. That gives you three to four possible meetings, as each group will be on site for two hours. The meeting times are 10am to 12pm and then 12.30pm to 2.30pm and then 3pm to 5pm, We will list all investors on the Sunday before the Investor Festival and you should apply to meet 3 investors each. We will then allocate appointments on a first-come, first-served basis. The one-on-one meetings and the Investor Festival will wrap up at 5pm.

Our list of Investors to choose from are:

Austin Clements from 11-12 Tenoneten Extol Capital Jim Brandt- Angel Investor
Luma Launch Brad Yasar- Angel Investor What The Future
Jack Tsai-Angel investor Jay Tsao- Angel investor Tom Schreiber- Angel Investor
Brian Horner- Angel Investor WaveFront Ventures Midstage Ventures
Asher Leids- Angel investor Embark Ventures Jiake Liu- Angel Investor
Corigin Ventures Morpheus Ventures
FastPay Morgan Stanley
Benjamin Tsai- Angel investor Touchdown Ventures

To watch the whole week of pitching and join all of our VIP and evening parties sign up on our EVENTBRITE PAGE


Expert DOJO started these pay-it-forward events years ago to help our member startups everywhere, and although our focus is business growth, our record of getting our clients into incubators, accelerators and into the pockets of funding sources speaks for itself. These days, we are a full-service academy for entrepreneurship success. Come and let us help you succeed!



Enki Technologies – Website Solutions

We aim to express the ideas of companies and professionals around the world to move beyond local and conceptual boundaries, by creating high quality websites, delivering user-friendly mobile apps, and building unique custom software.  For a free consultation contact: http://enki.tech/

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Your Office Agent – Office Space Solutions

Dont you want a brokerage who care about startup success rather than wait until you are big enough for them.  Your Office Agent are that broker and Hank will be at Expert DOJO all week to help you with any office space needs you have from 100 sq. feet to 50,000 sq. feet.

Online bookings are not available for this event.




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