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The Creation of ICOStats and How to Properly Evaluate Tokens





Cooper Maruyama, author and creator of icostats.com, has been an Ethereum engineer since its early days. Cooper created ICOStats with the intention of allowing people to realize that it is usually more beneficial to invest in Ethereum vs. an average ICO. By comparing the ROI of the ICO vs. Ethereum, he has allowed his users to see that ETH generally outperforms most ICOs. He boasts over 125k unique visitors each month and has helped people come to realize the value of Ethereum not only as an investment but as a technology as well.


Cooper is going to give a presentation on creating your crypto portfolio by looking at currencies and tokens from a technical perspective. His impressive history in this space gives him the ability to pass on knowledge that can only be attained from years of observation. The cryptocurrency space is riddled with speculation and hope, but Cooper will walk you through the process of choosing tokens based on their tangible current and future value.


On the technical side, Cooper has been creating smart contracts for his clients and has grown to love (and hate) Solidity. He creates incredible React webapps that interact with the blockchain via web3, and has helped to realize the vision of web3 onto what looks like a traditional web2 platform. He has a vision for Ethereum that is far more advanced than most people in the space, and he has earned this by being a thought-leader in the space since the early days of Ethereum.


Cooper worked at Faraday Future before joining CoinCircle full-time, where he leads the engineering and development of their website and wallet technology. He is instrumental in building out a more user-friendly interface to the blockchain for everyone to use.


Joining Cooper will be Jon Vlachogiannis, Founder & Artificial Intelligence @ AgentRisk (robo-advisor). His trading algorithms have generated an impressive profit and he intends to share the basics of algo trading with you. Jon will describe what it takes to create a successful arbitrage bot and how to come up with your own algorithm.


About the Venue

Expert DOJO is a business and ICO accelerator in Santa Monica where entrepreneurs can receive advice, investment and specialist help in all areas of your business growth. Their patented 12 step milestone sprint is unlike any other program available and gives you direct access to specialists in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, growth hacking and so much more. Join their program for business growth, referrals, workshops and so much more at https://expertdojo.com/programs/ . For details on all startup options email brian@expertdojo.com Important Note About This Meetup


Due to the overwhelming response of the last meetup, we have created a solution that will allow the existing and loyal members of the Ethereum Los Angeles Meetup group to more easily attend future events. We have a number of members who sign up for a meetups and do not attend, which restricts legitimate members from signing up (due to a capacity limit) without being put on a waitlist.


We have created the Los Angeles Ethereum(LAE) Meetup token. This is a non-fungible token created using the ERC 721 standard. It is created and given away for free, with the intention of providing Proof of Attendance and allowing for preferred attendance at future events. This solution will allow the members who are loyal to the meetup group access to future meetups in the event of an overbooked presentation.


We will release more details at a future date, but this will be done so that people who sign up for a meetup and don’t show up get penalized. We want 100% attendance and participation, and we believe that this will encourage that behavior.





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