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Why make a video when you can have a commercial for your company - expires at the end of December
Everyone should take the opportunity to create their own sequence of brand videos in this world we live in today, one that’s filled with visual content. People don’t just want to read about you anymore, they want to visually engage with you and your company. It’s easy and fun, and will give you the exposure you need to raise capital and increase sales.


Nobody understands this better than the founder of New Logic Cine, Manuel Umo,  www.newlogiccine.com as he has been directing movies and commercials for years.  he is now going to share that gift with the startup community and help you make the ultimate commercial for your business.  All you have to do is apply for one of the spots before the end of the month and Manuel will engage with you so your brand can shine on video.  Manuel can be contacted at manuel@newlogiccine.com


Expert Dojo will be giving away a special gift to 10 entrepreneurs who sign up with New Logic Cine to take advantage of their exclusive offer to produce a video spot for your business at a hugely discounted rate.


Here is a little more about Manuel S. Umo.  He began his career filming, editing and producing reports for multiple media organizations including the BBC and El Mundo. After being granted several scholarships to study film in the United States, he moved to Los Angeles where he opened a production company, New Logic Cine which has now produced hundreds of spots and web commercials for multiple brands and organizations. To learn more please visit www.manuelumo.com



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