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A common mistake entrepreneurs make is to launch into marketing activities without proper planning.  Today, we are going to share some secrets of proper marketing in our Growth Hacking Ebook with you!

What are the Marketing Basics?

You should really understand the 4 P’s of marketing execution: Product, Price, Planning, and Promotion. If you try to skip over any of the P’s, then you will probably not have success.  We have seen this over and over again with startups over the years.  Promotional activity is not going to work with the wrong price point or without the right people to follow up on a poor product message.  However if you have planned well for the perfect product at the right price, all you need is great promotion.  It is the synergy between the 4 P’s that builds successful startups.

Why is this important?

We accelerate the successful entrepreneur journey by implementing what we call agile foundational principles. Even though it’s common logic to treat the execution of any project one step at a time, entrepreneurs tend to launch into marketing activities without proper planning while expecting sales to grow.  What follows will give you a framework to change these habits and start building the business growth you want and need.