Medical device, life science, and biotechnology applicants should have:

  • Clear FDA path, anticipating clearance into the market within the next 12-24 months.
  • Post non-dilutive, pre Series A.
  • A clearly differentiated market need and strong core IP.
  • A multi-founder team with a dedicated business lead or CEO.

Healthcare tech and digital health companies should be: 

  • Pre-series A with a proven product and a clear go to market plan.
  • Post non-dilutive, pre Series A.
  • Multi founder team with evidence of traction.
  • Ready for and desiring exponential growth.


$100k Investment

Each startup receives $100k USD in seed funding and thousands of dollars worth of free services from our partner organizations.

Top Rated Accelerator Program

Structured, strategic support in a fast-paced, 3-month accelerator that’s been tested, proven over time, and adapted specially to help startups in healthcare, medical device, digital health, health IT, and medical AI/ML verticals get into market and start growing faster.

Dedicated Support

Daily support from a team of creative builders, business strategists, high level mentors, entrepreneurs, and operators who’ve worked across global ecosystems and at all stages and verticals of healthcare.

Value-Add Services

Centralized services and shared databases to assist you in accelerating IP, regulatory path and compliance, go-to market, marketing/PR, sales, distribution, follow-on funding, and more.

Healthcare Industry Expertise

Cross-functional experts and EIRs who have deep on-the-ground experience, resources, and track record across various categories of healthcare, life sciences, medical device, tech and more.

Global Access & Networks

Weekly demo days and daily introductions to hundreds of investors and strategic partners to help you get to market, grow and scale.


We believe that every accelerator program can and should introduce you to tons of investors and help you raise your next round. This alone isn’t good enough. At Expert Dojo we are aggressive and passionate about your growth. In only a few short years Expert Dojo has become the most active international seed-stage investor in Southern California and one of the largest seed funders in the United States (according to Crunchbase). A Dojo is where ninjas go to train with other ninjas, and that is what you’ll get at Expert Dojo. Our accelerator is designed to help startups get to the next round, and we work closely with them on the milestones to get there. While there are thousands of accelerators out there, what makes Expert Dojo different is our dedication to excellence. Just like real ninjas, we’re focused and relentless about your growth. You’ll find smaller cohorts with more personalized focus and attention, you’ll interact regularly with the best healthcare founders, our globally diverse community of entrepreneurs, investors, and our dedicated and passionate team. 


Yaw Ofosu Ansong – Founder & CEO, KovaDX

“Expert DOJO provides access and network to key stakeholders that the typical pattern-matching investor wouldn’t even consider. I loved the content and pace of the 2-month accelerator, and the program pushed us to finally secure our intellectual property, as well as meet many useful business contacts. Joining the program was definitely a turning point for us as a company!”

Anna Gudmundson – CEO, BioSelf Technology, Inc.

“I typically have high expectations and I can’t tell you how good this program was, how much we got out of it, we also raised more money on the back of it and they got us ready for that and helped with introductions. Other companies in the cohort were absolute rock stars……these were really really really good entrepreneurs and the value the Expert Dojo team was adding was absolutely outstanding…I recommend Expert Dojo to any team that is ambitious and wants to really grow big internationally.”

Dr. Lieza Danan – CEO, Founder of LiVeritas Biosciences

“We had an intense yet fun experience with Expert Dojo, they kicked us into high gear from day one…One of the highlights of the entire experience was being mentored weekly by Brian, he’s a true advocate of ever founder and company he invests in. He helped us reach our full potential as quickly as possible together with an amazing support team. The program helped us engage with hundreds of investors for 8 weeks. As a result we are currently engaged with VCs and angels we met in the program. I highly recommend the program to other programs, especially those with a technical background.”

Jim Lewis – CEO, Founder of Benjamin

“I’ve been in two other international accelerators before this, Expert Dojo was hands down much more active, better advice, the experts they’ll surround you with in terms of advice on how to really grow the business and then connecting you with investors is unlike anything else. Highly, highly recommended.”