As the fastest growing startup accelerator in Southern California, we understand the importance of entrepreneurs and investors building bonds so that everyone benefits. Expert Dojo is an innovation factory for entrepreneurs. We are extremely active in the startup space and eager to share trends and data. If you get it right, you will be able to double or even triple your returns through startup investments.

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Annual Investor Conference

Showcasing the top companies from inside Expert Dojos accelerator program. The companies are curated from hundreds of our members to ensure we only bring the best companies.These conferences occur annually in major cities across North America including LA, NY, Dallas, Vancouver, St. Louis and Las Vegas.

Connect with other investors

Our network allows you to interact with your fellow investors.

Investment Training

Monthly online training course and Q&A on how to get started in investing and what to look for when you begin. Learning from investors who currently invest.

Startup News

See the latest trends in investment and what the VCs are investing in around the world.