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Los Angeles


Established - 2017

Actors are asked to audition for jobs through selftape more than ever. Often, the turnaround is last minute. Our company connects actors with selftape professionals wherever they are, whenever they need them.

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

An actor was in Montreal, had to put together a big tape and could not find anyone to tape him. When he got back he connected with the #1 brick-and-mortar selftape company in Los Angeles and we decided to work towards providing that level of quality all across the country. Now we have a prototype of the selftape now app and proof positive many other actors feel the same way.

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

Currently, the only way to get a professional selftape done is to go to a brick and mortar studio or to ask a friend with a camera for help. With such a limited number of resources, it can be hard to find help when you need it the most. We are setting out to establish an app that takes the convenience of Uber (getting a selftape right now when you need it) with a booking app (choosing the best studio for your needs). That way, actors can find someone wherever they are, whenever they need the tape done. Price: the average price for a selftape is $1 per minute of studio time, or $60 for an hour. Our model will allow actors to get an hour tape done for $50, $10 less than the lowest common price. If they become members for $10 a month (which pays them back after 1 self tape session), they get the $50 per session rate and a wealth of additional benefits, such as access to community events, insider tips and training from working professionals in the industry, and discounts to commonly used services. Culture: Our focus is on finesse and professionalism. All of the practitioners working through us will have to complete training and a quality inspection to ensure the client's experience is consistent no matter who they shoot with. As such, we will foster a strong community among SELFTAPE NOW practitioners and actors to get people ahead in this industry. Deilvery: Everything is scheduled through our app, which makes it simple and fast for both clients and practitioners to connect. We also have incorporated security measures to track the beginning and end of sessions and get reviews of the experience. We want to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable so they can do their best work.

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

Secure an investment to get the company off the ground Build a database of 10,000 members and 100 practitioners in a year. Expand from Los Angeles into New York, Austin, Atlanta, San Fran and Chicago by the end of the year.


Valuation Add: 4.5 million

Company Stage: Seed Capital

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