G6G Consulting Group LLC



Santa Monica


Established - 2008 (most activity within last 1.5 years)

Initial product: finding and recommending what biotechnology and artificial intelligence software to use. Future: expand to energy and entertainment sectors to recommend articles, movies, etc.

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

Met my biz partner walking the dog in Santa Monica (he - AI background, me - biotech background). Created https://g6g-softwaredirectory.com , the "Directory of Omics and Intelligent Software"; then decided to "automate" the process as much as possible to make a quantum jump to the database. Prototype new system is now at https://g6gfindr.com

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

We are developing a platform that can be applied to a number of industries. The technology used in semantic web/graph technology. We will use AI, NLP and sentiment analysis to build our recommendation system based on unstructured data.

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

Get funded Further develop recommend system Further develop at least one other vertical (energy or entertainment)


Company Stage: Angel Investor Funding

Company Grow Last Years: no revenue at this point

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