Established - 2017

Provides readers with short, 30 minute romance novels (that can be read on a lunch break), hence a lunchtime quickie. Ultimately will be the premier, Go-To site for Love & Romance with tools and resources to support healthy sexual relationships.

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

I'm a writer that has written several "quickies" over the years (unpublished), not thinking much about it until I realized that the romance genre is a billion dollar industry. Attention spans are super short so I wanted to do something fun with the idea of a "quickie". The idea has since blossomed to encompass all things love and romance since there is so much information out there (and not all good). I want to provide subscribers with resources to improve their sexual relationships or simply just have a lot of fun visiting the site (including fun product selections).

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

Nothing like this exists in the online marketplace and love and relationship advice is all over the place. This site will vet the best programs, coaches and advice directing subscribers back again and again.

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

Get funded! Launch Phase One of the website by the summer of 2018, Revenue generation funds Phase Two by fall of 2018


Valuation Add: TBD

Company Stage: Angel Investor Funding

Company Grow Last Years: Not yet launched

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