Opeyemi Raji Poultry and Farming

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Established - 2014

A rapid implementation of viable solutions would ensure a turnaround of the nation’s agricultural sector. Training of maintenance technicians would sustain the durability of mechanized farm tools. Upgrading of the Agricultural Research Council of Nig

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

because i was have interesting in agriculture business in the beginning of life

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

Information and transportation technology expand the "market," such as, expanded global trade. Is everyone positively excited about expanded trade? Consider the following categories of businesses, consumers, etc. Sellers/suppliers in the exporting market Buyers/consumers in the importing market Sellers/supplies in the importing market Buyers/consumers in the exporting market

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

1) i want to make my poultry and farming be wide more 2) i want to employed more workers 3) i want vital to the success and profitability


Valuation Add: Opteon works with a vast range of agribusiness & rural clients every day, from farms to viticulturists & mining organisations, providing them with property valuations, advice & solutions with excellence.

Company Stage: Angel Investor Funding

Company Grow Last Years: 55

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