Los Angeles


Established - 2017

Traditional sellers like auction houses and galleries continue to operate at a snail’s pace having adopted email and text communications as their sole technological advancement. They charge fees above 25% and require multi-month consignment periods.

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

We have sold over $300,000 in fine art without a single buyer having seen the work prior to purchase and delivery. This helped us prove our product's model and bootstrap the business.

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

Royce is a members app where collectors buy and sell fine art in the most efficient way possible. Buyers can browse, purchase and secure an artwork all within the app, in a matter of minutes. Sellers keep their work until it sells, get paid fast, and incur the smallest fees in the industry.

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

Close this pre-seed round, pass $1,000,000 in revenue within 12 months of launch, and raise a Seed or Series A.


Valuation Add: TBD (Convertible Notes)

Company Stage: Angel Investor Funding

Company Grow Last Years: N/A

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