Wedding Soda

Web Services


Lenora Wilkinson CEO


Established - 2017

Wedding soda is an interactive mobile application that provides the entire wedding party to with budgets, timelines, directions and reminders for their individual tasks and roles. Participants get to celebrate their involvem

Fun / Interesting / Inspiring detail about how you got to where you are today?

I have been a bridesmaid several times. The last time around I searched for a tool that would be better than constantly using groupme or emails because I needed to keep up with my tasks and costs and there was nothing.

What makes you different from your competition (Price, Quality, Delivery, Culture)?

Wedding soda focuses on the needs of the bridesmaids and groomsmen vs the needs of the couple. Our vendor pricing aligns with current competitor pricing. We are more for engaged couples that are comfortable using mobile devices regularly.There is $42 million of untapped revenue that Wedding Soda ivendors are able to utilize through marketing to the entire bridal party and guest instead of only the couple.

Name 3 objectives you want to accomplish within the next year?

I would like for my web app to become the staple in planning a wedding. I hope that the conversation changes for wedding planning and that people discover the need to help the bridal team stay organized as well as the couple. I hope to help small wedding vendors worldwide to have an increase in revenue by marketing to the entire wedding party instead of just the couple.


Valuation Add: We are at seed stage

Company Stage: Angel Investor Funding

Company Grow Last Years: The app launches Febuary 14th 2018

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