Company name : goodgigs
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Full name : Dale Wilkinson
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Amount looking to raise : $500000
Why did you start this company? What excites you about it? : goodgigs is a marketplace where companies can hire creative freelancers, then support the freelancer's work with nonprofits via a tax-deductible donation. Think Upwork meets gofundme. I wanted to solve my own problem. When I was 23 I read 'New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle. The day I finished, I quit my News Corp advertising job, and a week later I was in Vietnam building homes for the homeless. Yup, a drastic move. Ever since then I’ve had trouble reconciling both doing good and earning a decent living. I believe I have found a way with goodgigs, and I'm excited to empower freelancers to use their skills for good, and change the way we work.
Who are the founders of the company? : I'm the solo founder. (Dale Wilkinson: | - I've been Creator & Executive Producer for TV series sold to FOX Network, Facebook Watch & PopSugar. - I've hired and managed over 500 freelancers. I've been a client and a freelancer, so I'm keenly aware of pain points for both parties and have developed my own processes to combat these. - 17 year veteran of the advertising and entertainment industry, specializing in creative development, social marketing, and media production. - Founder of content studio Slayd Media ( I developed and produced digital programming for brands such as BareMinerals, ClassPass, Gillette and Ubisoft. Created original non-scripted TV series that sold to Nigel Lythgoe, Electus and Authentic Entertainment. I developed the shooting format for ClassPass Live. - I created and produced over 100 hours of programming for Lionsgate’s health and fitness brand ‘BeFit’, helping it secure #1 fitness channel with over 3 million subscribers. - I’m a partner with nonprofit Social Venture Partners Los Angeles where I mentor LA-based nonprofits through the SVP accelerator program. - I’m a Board Member on the LA Programming Board for LGBTQ entrepreneur nonprofit StartOut. My unfair advantage is that I have deep domain knowledge and I’m an accomplished creator and producer that has experience taking projects from creative concept through to execution and distribution. Some of my work: - FOX, Creator & Executive Producer ‘PowerHouse’ ( - Facebook Watch | Executive Producer ‘Crafty AF’ ( - PopSugar, Executive Producer ‘FailFix’ ( - Go90, Head of Digital & Social ‘The Runner’ (
What do you do and what's the equity split? : I own 100% and currently manage all elements of goodgigs.
How many developers/engineers are there on the team? : I've hired a back end developer who was previously growth engineer with Soothe. I've been doing all the front end development.
Describe the problem you're solving : The problem we’re addressing: - Freelancers want to use their skills for good, but also need to earn a decent living. (94% of millennial freelancers want to use their skills for good. Millennial Impact Report 2017) - Nonprofits are underresourced and cannot afford the best people. (64% say they don't have the resources to do their job. Taproot Foundation Report) - For-profits are under pressure from customers to do good and give back to the community
How are your customers solving that problem today? : - Currently, if freelancers want to use their skills for good they have to reach out to nonprofits directly or offer their services pro bono on platforms like Catchafire or Taproot Foundation. - Nonprofits will make do, and/or rely on pro bono services and platforms, where the quality of the talent may lack. - For-profits that are outsourcing work to freelancer marketplaces currently don't have the ability to also partake in corporate social responsibility activities on the platforms.
Who are your competitors and how are you different? : Competitors focused on the general freelance population include: Upwork Fiverr 99designs Toptal WorkingNotWorking Competitors focused on the nonprofit space Wethos (Closest competitor | Received 1M seed funding in 2017) Catchafire Taproot Foundation Our Advantages: - We have social good at the core of our business model. Only platform with a donation model that allows freelancers to work on for-profit and nonprofit gigs and get paid for both. Freelancers combine their efforts of profit and purpose on the one platform. - Unlike Upwork, goodgigs focuses on clients that pay market value for freelance services. A minimum budget is required for each creative gig. This, in turn, leads to higher quality freelance talent, who are also vetted based on their portfolio. - Only platform where nonprofits get access to top creative talent who are compensated for their work, versus nonprofits relying on subpar work from volunteer or pro-bono platforms.
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How many customers/users do you currently have? : We're launching the MVP on March 30th. We currently have 100 freelancers, 40 nonprofits, and 10 for-profits signed up for the beta
How do you plan to acquire customers? : The main focus is on getting for-profit companies to the platform first, as they are the customer who pays (and donates). Paid gigs and donation dollars then helps attract freelancers and nonprofits. Having had a production company for the past 7 years, I have a database of over 2,000 for-profit contacts. At least 300 are considered warm leads and are on my email list. Additionally, I’ll focus on getting traction via cost-effective sources; Cold-emailing warm prospects SEO & SEM Content marketing (via blogs) Email marketing Press Targeting relevant blogs/publications I was able to get 100 freelancers signed up via my own network, as well as doing cold intro emails via canvasing Dribbble and Behance. I’m a partner with Social Venture Partners, an incubator that helps nonprofits launch. They have over 200 LA nonprofits in their network, and we plan to do an email launch to their database.
What progress have you made in the last 6 months? : I've been working on goodgigs for the past 6 months. I built the current landing page, and email automation for the beta signup. We have 100 freelancers, 40 nonprofits and 10 for-profits signed up. I'm two weeks off from launching the MVP which we have built using bubble. I also completed a 6-week program with Founder Gym.
What are you proud of and what keeps you up at night? : I'm proud of my ability to jump in and learn new skills. I just recently taught myself Figma so I could build the goodgigs user flow and dashboard experience prototype. Whenever I think I'm not moving fast enough I usually get less sleep!
What steps have you taken to validate the market? : I've been able to do phone interviews with 75 of our beta signups. From the interviews I found: - Freelancers want to work with nonprofits, but had to limit how many gigs they could do because they were either pro bono or low pay. - Nonprofits rely on pro bono platforms but have to pay a subscription, and the freelance talent generally is subpar. - For-profits are more conscious about what impact their business decisions have on social issues.
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model? : - goodgigs takes a 15% commission on freelancer billings with for-profit gigs. - No commission is taken on donations toward nonprofit gigs. Freelancers collect the full fee. (Also helps with retention) - The plan is to introduce an additional subscription revenue stream when we add features that will help users manage the creative project after the gig is won. These features will also help with customer retention.
Why do you want to join Expert DOJO? : The mentorship, guidance and the connections to VCs and other advisors.
And finally, how did you hear about this programme? : Via an Eventbrite event invitation.