Company name : CityMAG
Company website :
Full name : Ieva Tau
Best email to contact you :
Amount raised to date : $100.000
Amount looking to raise : $200.000
Why did you start this company? What excites you about it? : test
Who are the founders of the company? : test
What do you do and what's the equity split? : test
How long have you worked together? : test
How many developers/engineers are there on the team? : test
Describe the problem you're solving : test
How are your customers solving that problem today? : tes
Who are your competitors and how are you different? : test
Please include competitor website details. : test
How many customers/users do you currently have? : test
How do you plan to acquire customers? : test
What progress have you made in the last 6 months? : test
What are you proud of and what keeps you up at night? : test
What steps have you taken to validate the market? : test
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model? : test
What is your monthly growth rate? : 100
Why do you want to join Expert DOJO? : test
And finally, how did you hear about this programme? : test