Company name : DollarZing Inc.
Company website : Not Up Yet
Full name : Jerry David Foley
Best email to contact you :
Amount raised to date : $50000
Amount looking to raise : $600000
Why did you start this company? What excites you about it? : I was given a second chance at life at an early age and I have always wanted a way to positively improve and change lives around me. The opportunity to build a Mobile Community Platform where I can wake up everyday knowing we can have a positive impact on a Worldwide Community.
Who are the founders of the company? : Jerry Foley and Anita Foley(Wife)
What do you do and what's the equity split? : President/CEO We own 89% currently Michael Stein- CMO-5% Kevin Sprouse-CFO-5% Augusto Landestoy- UI/UX Dev.-1%
How long have you worked together? : 30 years of Marriage with 3 Kids 28 Son- 25 Daughter- 20 Son Michael 5 years Kevin 10 years
How many developers/engineers are there on the team? : Currently under Contract 7-Not employees SOW and MSA agreements in place for review
Describe the problem you're solving : DollarZing will give much needed donations to local, regional, national and internationally certified and quality organizations on a daily basis instead of only donating during a crisis or monthly awareness programs. We will do this by a unique mobile gamification using the US $1 Bill serial number-
How are your customers solving that problem today? : Through asking for donations on TV, Radio, Mobile advertising, Print and Billboards
Who are your competitors and how are you different? : Competitors are Lotteries We are Peer to Peer only in a Gifting, Receiving and Donating Mobile Money Platform
Please include competitor website details. : State lotteries
How many customers/users do you currently have? : Pre Customer MVP build currently underway 6-8 weeks - Soft Launch Mid June- Launch July 1st for Independence Day
How do you plan to acquire customers? : Social Media Campaigns- Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Early Charitable partners data basis. Possibly acquiring a close relationships charitable platform with 120,000 plus members. Creating an early Ambassador Members Program and then leveraging their Social Media
What progress have you made in the last 6 months? : We have completed and Filed 3 Non Provisional Patents- 2-27-19 First 50,000 committed from Patent Attorney/Consultant funding first tranche 3-15-19 Dev Team under contract and UI/UX is currently progressing. Full Stack Dev Team Starting 3-18-19
What are you proud of and what keeps you up at night? : I am extremely proud to be a Husband of 30 years, Father to 3 Incredible Children, a respectful Son and Brother to my sister. Working with my father for over 27 years in a construction business employing over 250 employees and positively impacting 1000s of family members. Being Excited about creating DollarZing and the next part of my life.
What steps have you taken to validate the market? : Extensive market research in the mobile gaming/donating physiology- Why do people play mobile games and why do people feel empowered to give. We are creating a new mobile money category for gifting, receiving and donating on a daily basis. We know mobile games and giving is 24/7/365 days around the World. I have an outline of our Validation strategy I can provide.
What is your revenue model or expected revenue model? : Our revenue model is based on a Platform As A Service where each DAM pays a .10 fee per click during the games Gifting/Sharing their ZingCash(Purchased for Digital Currency in DollarZing) for receiving and Donating Our average DAM will have 20-25 clicks or $2.00-$2.50 per day in a $10.00 maximum daily gifting to the community- Additional information in our MVP Build Deck submitted to Brian McDermott
What is your monthly growth rate? : 5000
Why do you want to join Expert DOJO? : My goal for myself and DollarZing is to engage and learn from multiple professionals in Mobile platforms, Funding, and Licensing . I want to start DollarZing with a respected Team and prepare for a Massive Growth Potential and I feel comfortable in my early research Expert DOJO can provide a Win-Win for all of us as we accomplish our goals.
And finally, how did you hear about this programme? : I came into your facility about 2 years ago after a Santa Monica Tech event before your current Accelerator strategy. Checked to see if you we still there on my 30th Wedding Anniversary and met Brian Mac Mahon