What is Milestoning and why is it important?

If you are a startup and you are not specific about your goals, metrics, customer base, brand messaging, pitch, etc, you are less likely to be successful.  Are you willing to set yourself up from the start to prevent falling into this category like most everyone else?  We want to help you find solutions for your problems.  We see the same themes over an over with startups that lead them to fail.  In order to take accountability, we need to setup proper milestones to help you find the results that matter.

What you will learn from this eBook:

This book will explain the process of how to go about setting yourself up for success as an early startup. Initially, startups all seem to think the first thing they need is capital. Capital is very important. However, there are many fundamental areas a startup should handle on their own before worrying about seeking outside investment. There are milestones built-in to each of these categories below:

Corporate Structure

Brand Famous

Customer Journey

How to Build a Dream Team

Human Centric Development and Design

Pitching and Communication

User Growth

Planning and Investment

We will show you what objectives to setup and how to meet those targets. During the program itself, we will provide you with a curriculum and templates to guide you to reach each milestone as is fit for your business.
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