Most companies fail because they run out of time. What needs to take 18 months actually takes 25 to 35 months to accomplish and the cash-flow runs out long before that time. This time lag happens because there are so many unexpected roadblocks which entrepreneurs have to face every day. Our Milestone Sprint takes sports psychology and combines it with the best Agile startup strategy available. We will review your market fit, your branding, your validation, your website, your users, your team and your growth plan. We will even review you and your process. Everything we do is led by the Expert DOJO milestones, which will guide you . Our dedication to your success is why Expert DOJO consistently have 5 star ratings on every platform.

  • Based on specific milestoning and sets out all the steps you will need to be successful
  • Trainers in online courses focus on you the business owner and your daily challenges
  • Reached out by over 500 investors through listing your company on our website

Full breakdown of the weekly training


  • Product Fit
  • Setting Milestones
  • Market Validation


  • Perfect Pitch and Communication
  • Strategy and Investment
  • Pitch Festival


  • Brand Famous
  • Team Building
  • Development


  • Growth Hacking
  • 2 weeks Showcase to Investors and users