Peak Performance Accelerator

Welcome to the Expert DOJO Peak Performance Accelerator.   Over the next 4 months we are focused on growing your business.  To get you started we would like to set up 2, 30 minute strategy calls with you to review your business and strategy over 3 different time periods  4 month program. After this will support your business in 4 ways:


Peak Performance Centers

You have use of any workspace we have access to anywhere in the world.  This includes our Los Angeles space and all other global partner locations.


Community working together.

An ecosystem of investors, early stage, late stage, and exited entrepreneurs all working together to help the community succeed.  One of the biggest contributors to the high failure rates amongst startups is their venerability in their early stages. Whether you are in this journey by yourself or with a few other founders join Expert DOJO’s community to help provide you expertise and guidance when taking on new contracts and opportunity. Use the community as your startup shield.


Live Conferences and workshops

By being a member of our peak performance academy you will receive an invitation to our infamous Investor Conference, which is normally priced at $1,,000 and also receive an invitation to our founder retreat, which is priced at the same level.


Our 4 month peak performance program

At Expert DOJO all our training revolves around our proven 12 step heroes journey. On a weekly basis you will be contacted by specialists and  / or online training from one of the 12 steps to help you in all aspects of your business.  Each call will be 30 minutes and will keep you focused on the success you want to achieve


Week 1 – STRATEGY – Expert DOJO strategy call & Market Validation course sent to you

Week 2 – PEAK PERFORMANCE – Performance coach outreach & online course for peak performance

Week 3 – COMMUNICATION – learn straight line persuasion in a 30 minute coaching session. Then take our online communication course.

Week 4 – INVESTMENT – Listing of your investment needs on the Expert DOJO site

Week 5 – FOUNDATION – Webinar to look at all aspects of building the right foundation in your business


Week 7 – BUSINESS PLAN – You will receive a call from our business plan specialist to review your business plans and help structure them for success!

Week 8 – USER GROWTH 1 – You will be sent our online course on how to build a user growth plan.  After the course setup a meeting with our Marketing Specialists.

Week 9 – BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS – Webinar Q & A with the Expert DOJO team




Week 13 – Review with an Expert DOJO strategist

Week 14 -16 – Showcase your Company at our Peak Performance Startup Summits, located all over the world!


Our intention is that, as a member of Expert DOJO, you will not only get more educated but also grow your network and find mistakes early so you can do something about them.  Every coaching session is included as part of our service to you as a valued part of our community.


After you finish the program you can still stay as an important part of our community by staying part of our Alumni and receive discounts on services all over the world. We are with you until the end.

  • Stay connected
  • $0/mo
  • Behind the Scenes
    See what our members are doing.
  • Live feed, selected videos and events!
  • Peak Performance
  • $950
    one time payment
  • 16 weeks course
    to accelerate your business.
    From market validation to investment.
  • Learn, grow, expand and explore!
    Let,s set you up for success.
  • Founders Circle
  • $750/mo
  • Join 7 "like-minded-experts"
    The focus is on collaboration with
    hand picked mentors
    Whos is on your ticket?
  • Apply now to accelerate your growth
    with briliant minds.
  • 1on1 Coaching
  • Project Specific Price
  • Your success is our success.
    We hand select a few top join
    this program.
  • Dedicating our time to become
    part of your team.