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Most entrepreneurs spend long nights obsessing over failure. Biting their nails, eating ramen noodles, destroying their credit, filing for divorce and finding out who your real friends are. We won’t let you end up like them. FAILURE SUCKS, avoid it at all costs.
LEARN FROM SUCCESS. Below we have podcasts with updated weekly content and frequent guest speakers that is here to save your life. Rather than reinventing the wheel, you can learn from an Experts success.


#77 Sean McSweeney of Apache Health | Moving through failures

This week, Brian speaks with Sean McSweeney of Apache Health and Sean takes us through his entrepreneurial journey.  This episode is great because Sean takes the time to discuss failures and more importantly, what he learned from them.  This episode also focuses on not trying to do it all yourself so you can focus on your strengths!  Failure can be stigmatized in modern day society but any great entrepreneur will tell you many stories of how they failed, learned, and eventually made it happen!  Be sure to check this one out!