I look forward to catch up with other entrepreneurs, professionals and investors in L.A., who are into or interested with mobile & social media marketing / advertising and technology.


Arda, we are happy to catch up with you as well! Please share with us what you are working on right now!

1 month ago
Arda Kertmelioglu

Thanks Brian. Sure. We have a (working) product (CURAITE, an Artificial Intelligence powered social media aggregation, curation, publishing and evaluation tool. I think the most interesting part is that our product basically can predict how your social posts will perform “before” you post anything! So no need to trust in your guts or your personnel and/or agency. In the end, robots don’t have feelings (nor day-off’s) 🙂 The rest is pretty much the same as Hootsuite, Buffer etc, plus embedded media server. Oh and we also have an auto-posting feature, which basically does all the operation for you. Just set up the rules and feed the machine with enough content and it will take care of your Facebook and Instagram pages, by assuring only the best performing content will be published/posted. I’d love to hear all the thoughts & comments from Dojo members. Thanks!

1 month ago