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Pangea is a destination marketing expert company that focuses on redefining and reshaping the future of travel with cutting edge technology. Since we started, we have grown from just a few simple ideas and principles into one of the fastest growing companies in our field. By using data analysis for marketing and advertising, we are able to see trends before anyone else and use those to reach into what will happen next. Our primary focus is to partner and work with key players of the travel industry, mainly Destination Management Organisations (DMOs). Whether these DMOs be on a national or city level, we promote their sights, visions, and cultures both within their markets and all over the world. Pangea’s extensive destination marketing methodology and expertise built on Travel Analytics, Digital Strategy & Content and Media Execution enable DMOs and destinations to achieve a complete digital presence and promotion with highest ROIs. Pangea also provides unique values to DMOs and travel brands thorough its proprietary Hermes Destination Management Platform, Big Data and AI technologies. We partner with companies who are committed to shaping the future of travel along with us. We help clients solve problems with innovative techniques to produce the most efficient and effective messaging and campaigns possible. We bring this philosophy home with us as well and encourage a working environment that suits an incredibly varied set of employees, both in terms of skills, personalities, passions, interests, and nationalities.

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