Every company needs to have a bulletproof brand.  At Expert DOJO this is the core of where our startups begin.  Our trainers are the best we have seen and in this course we decided to get 5 branding perspectives from 5 great branding coaches so you can choose the elements which are best for your business.

In addition we will give you tools to really understand your brand avatar and customers.  These tools will become the foundation for your company’s purpose (why do you exist).

What you will get from "Building your own brand" course

Five branding perspectives from five great branding coaches
½ day training and Q&A video conference to master your brand
Step by step tutorial to build your own brand
A powerful community to help you grow

Class Curriculum

Brand 1. Understanding your Value


Marketing your Brand

Creative Disruption

  • Branding
  • Build your own brand
  • $999/6 weeks