Entrepreneurs do not work like other people, nor do they want to live like other people. Our 18 hour work days find balance in the freedom of doing what we love. The reason Expert DOJO exists is because we discovered a problem. The problem is entrepreneurs are becoming extinct. Now this seems crazy with all of the Startup Buzz and success we see from the unicorns, but what about everybody else? We are talking about the 98% that fail trying to start a company. Well we personally think failing sucks and want to provide our members with as many courses for you to learn what works. Dive in, validate your market, and GROW! Remember your customers are your best investors and learn from success.

Market Validation

Is a Great Dane a good fit for a Studio Apartment? Do you ever see maple trees growing in the desert? Have you ever sold a mega phone to a monk? The answer to most of the questions is no. No, because they are not a good fit. In this course we have arranged a series of tests for your market. You will learn about who is fit your product, the size of the market, and have a complete understanding on what your avatar looks like. Before you introduce your product, service, tech let’s do some research. Remember the best validation is a purchase.