The Expert DOJO Difference

International Accelerator

We help US and Non-US companies scale quickly in the American and global market. Using all of our connections and tools available, we help our founders bridge their skill gaps. This way they can strategize their business operations as well as hit their goals as fast as possible.

Aggressive Focus on Growth

43% of companies fail because of their sales. We partner with the top growth coaches and marketing companies in the US to provide you with a proven roadmap to success. Our thesis is focused on driving growth, building KPIs, and scaling companies as soon as possible.

Access to Investors

In addition to our initial investment, Expert Dojo has established relationships with thousands of Institutional and Accredited Investors. A key piece of our program is assisting our companies to close the remainder of their investment rounds.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you invest in each company?

We can invest from $25-$100k in each company and up to another $1M in the follow on rounds.

What’s the difference between pre and post accelerator?

The pre accelerator program is our standard early stage investment of $25k-$100k invested immediately. The post accelerator program is a $1M investment in the future, focusing on growth and pushing your company forward as quickly as possible.

What sector and stage do you invest in?

We invest in seed and pre seed stage companies across all industries. We have a global focus and look for companies around the world

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