Courses, Podcasts and Content to get you where you want to be!

At each workshop, you’ll find experts and mentors from various fields, there to help YOU!

Expert DOJO have expertise in most areas of growing your business.

When you join our “Growth Hacking” program, you will get exclusive expert video courses to help your business grow.

When you join our “Find Investment” program, you will get access to thousands of investors to help your business grow.

This program is to help early stage companies learn the fundamentals of starting, growing and expanding a successful business.


The Expert DOJO Accelerator is a 12 week program where Expert DOJO invest up to $25,000 to $50,000.

The Expert DOJO Venture Studio is a 12 week program where the best companies have the opportunity to expand & grow an already successful early stage.

Connecting Entrepreneurs and Startups with Advisors and Investors

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One of the big reasons why our entrepreneurs love Expert DOJO is the power of our startup community. We have thousands of entrepreneurs in our program and all have agreed to support and help the whole community get stronger together. This in our view is one of the main reasons why our success rates are so much higher than anywhere else.

Attend our Workshops and Networking Events for Entrepreneurs and Startups
  • Wed, Nov 28
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Last Day of startup immersion for Korean Comapnies in Los Angeles
  • Thu, Nov 29
    5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    Future of Cannabis – Startup Pitches
  • Fri, Nov 30
    4:00 pm - 8:30 pm
    The Latest Crypto – Final Friday: Giving Thanks For Crypto People
  • Thu, Dec 06
    5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    Investment for Women in Tech.



    Didn’t find the answer?

    Why are you different to other accelerators?

    There is no other accelerator we know of who bring startups through a funnel in the same way we do. This gives us more successful startups and a stronger community. Silicon Beach is the most exciting place in the world right now to grow your business and Expert DOJO have never had anything less than a five star rating from any company who have come through our program. Our mindset is set by our founder in his Ted talk.

    How/When will I be able to contact Investors?

    Every month Expert DOJO will reach out to investors for you. Our objective is to match you with the most suitable investors in our database and attempt to arrange a meeting. We base this on your industry and the stage of investment you are searching for. We can’t promise that investors will be interested in meeting but will give you feedback to make sure you are ready for investment.

    How can I register as an Investor?

    You can register as an Investor using this simple application. Once you’ve been approved you will have full access to the best startup funnel in the America.

    What types of companies do you specialize in?

    We hate to limit ourselves and find that there are common themes to a businesses success. We have created a community of exited entrepreneurs to share their expertise with earlier stage startups. As an ecosystem we strongly believe we can all learn from each other regardless of the sector or stage of your business. Our members come from all across the board: Product/Hardware, FinTech, MedTech, EduTech, SAS, B2C, B2C, Apps, Games, VR, Inventors, Service.

    What kind of martial arts do you specialize in?

    We are ninja’s of entrepreneurship. Fighting the failure rate that exists within the industry with ecosystems of high performing experts and startups. The term DOJO refers to a space of continual learning. And with the rapid growth of technology and members that is exactly what we are doing. Come join the fun. Apply today.

    Do you have members outside of LA?

    Yes. Our members come from all over as most of our services and value is online. Access to the community, workshops, and courses can all be obtained digitally. We do however recommend visiting one of our Startup Summits to showcase your startup!

    Are you a workspace?

    No. However, we do encourage our members to come in to collaborate, share success stories, and help each other grow. Though out the week we have workshops, events, and peak performance training.

    Is this Free?

    Our only desire is to prepare you for greatness as an entrepreneur. For some of you that means investment. For others it means growth and structure. Whatever you need to reach your goals can be found in our programs.

    What are your hours of operation?

    9am -5pm, Monday – Friday.

    How do we signup?

    Check out what program works best for you and register your company HERE.

    Can you tell us what your Venture Studio does?

    Our Venture Studio is a place where we focus on the hyper growth of our companies growth by allocating all our resources to help you find investment, users and milestone measurement. You get charged no fee for this, as you share a small percentage of equity for our partnership. You can apply to join our Venture Studio HERE.

    What do you provide in your Accelerator?

    Money. Our Investments into startups range from $25,000 to $50,000 and we provide those investments to hyper growth companies who have gone through one of our programs and we see a path to take you all the way. Companies can apply from all over the world and we only need you to be in Silicon Beach for small periods of time during the program. You can apply for our accelerator HERE.



    • “Thank you for getting ExpertDojo participants to participate in digital Hollywood. The speakers were amazing as we dove deeply into all aspects of crowdsourcing, including branding. I heard so many helpful details, and met amazing experts that  will be valuable in helping me on my journey.”

      Small business owner
    • “Thank you, Brian for orchestrating such a charged evening! Everybody was brilliant and you, a bit more! The 3 (20 min) presenters format, a great formula! Nice guests, too!”

      Small Business Owner
    • “I love what Brian Mac Mahon is doing!” The First Coworking Space Ever

      Angel Investor
    • “Hello Brian and SM Dojo Community, The Redefining Success series was very helpful for me. What a lift. Brian you also have untiring, surprising energy behind the help you share with us. I was so inspired by your words last night at Bobbi’s PHRESH Mat crowd fund party, you not only shared your knowledge, you opened pathways for how the community can help each other.”

      Small business owner
    • “I would expect nothing less from you Brian. I have personally seen your “Pay It Forward” vision and passion create amazing events that spark real synergies. This next step is bold, visionary, and right on point. The energy that you have created and continue to create at Expert DOJO is truly creating a larger sum then the individuals that are gathering there to work, share their expertise, and grow together. I am proud to be a part of this community and awesome tribe.”

      Business Accellerator
    • “I won a prize that changed my life at the last Expert DOJO event. Thank you so much!”

      Small business success story
    • “I’ve attended the last three events from Expert DOJO.  Thanks for another great night last night.  Very informative and inspiring.”

      Small business Owner


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