We are the Conscious Venture Capitalist

We believe that every entrepreneur, should have access to an accelerator, not just the lucky few. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs at the early stages of your startup’s development to achieve your goals and more.

Growth Hacking

Our 8 pillars of success are a proven formula to help you grow your business quicker than otherwise possible. We partner with the top growth-hackers and marketing companies in the world to provide you with a roadmap to success.

International Accelerator

Expert Dojo is committed to investing in over 1,000 companies over the next 10 years and supporting the early stage ecosystem around the world. We invest $100,000 in each company focusing on growth and showing product market fit by the end of our program.

Present to Investors

Expert Dojo has established relationships with thousands of Institutional and Accredited Investors. We use these relationships to find investment for the best companies in our programs so you can accelerate your company’s growth in a short period of time.

Specialized Programs

Our training programs have been tested on thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe and are designed to help accelerate your business at every stage of your growth.



Jeremy Barnett
Founder and CEO of Rad Influencer

Founder and CEO - Rad Influencer

Debbie Holzkamp
Founder of Virtanza

Founder - Virtanza

Anna Gudmundson
Founder of Sensate

Founder - Sensate

Max Ward
Founder of Liberatrade

Founder - Liberatrade

Craig Carol
Founder and CEO of Smart CSM company

Founder and CEO - Smart CSM

Dr. Romina Ghassemi
Founder and CEO of BAX-U Posture Support products

Founder and CEO - BAX-U Posture Support products

Frank Scozzafava
Founder and CEO of ZAPP RideShare

Founder and CEO - ZAPP RideShare

Nate Watkin
CEO & Founder at Assemble | assemble.tv

CEO and Founder - Assemble | assemble.tv

Wade T. Micoley
Founder and CEO of RealtyHive

Founder and CEO - RealtyHive
Happy Startups



Why are you different to other accelerators?

There is no other accelerator who interacts with companies the way we do. Our accelerator programming lasts for 8 weeks, but we work with companies for the life of the company. Whether it be introductions to customers, business strategy, or investment help we consider ourselves a partner in every company we invest in. Our mindset is set by our founder in his Ted talk.

How/When will I be able to contact Investors?

Every month Expert Dojo will reach out to investors for you. Our objective is to match you with the most suitable investors in our database and attempt to arrange a meeting. We base this on your industry and the stage of investment you are searching for. We can’t promise that investors will be interested in meeting but will give you feedback to make sure you are ready for investment.

How can I register as an Investor?

You can register as an Investor using this simple application. Once you’ve been approved you will have full access to the best startup funnel in America.

What types of companies do you specialize in?

We hate to limit ourselves and find that there are common themes to a businesses success. We have created a community of exited entrepreneurs to share their expertise with earlier stage startups. As an ecosystem we strongly believe we can all learn from each other regardless of the sector or stage of your business. Our members come from all across the board: Product/Hardware, FinTech, MedTech, EduTech, SAS, B2C, B2C, Apps, Games, VR, Inventors, Service.

What countries do you invest?

We have investments all around the United States and in every continent. We are not restricted by geography where we can invest.

Are you a workspace?

We have a 10,000 sq foot location near the beach in Santa Monica for our accelerator companies. The companies we invest in have full access Monday-Friday and are able to host events and have meetings.

What are your hours of operation?

9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.

How do we sign up?

Check out what program works best for you and register your company HERE.

What do you provide in your Accelerator?

Our Investments into startups are $100,000 and we provide those investments to hyper-growth preseed and seed-stage companies. Companies can apply from around the United States and all over the world. You can apply for our accelerator HERE.