Case Studies


Revenue Growth of 163% (2021)
With Profitability Growth of 70% (2022)


400% YoY growth, Achieving $900K in Revenue in 2022


500% ARR Growth, Reaching More Than Half a Million Dollars! Reaching 25,000+ Monthly Active Clients From 30+ Countries 270% Growth in Customers Analyzed, Reaching 9.1M+


$1.3MM in 2019 Exploded to $10MM in 2021 With Expert DOJO


78% YoY, Achieving $5M in Revenue in 2022

Matchbook AI

300% YoY, Forecasting to
Achieve $10M ARR by the End of 2023


2x Annual Revenue Growth at $600K/ARR in 2022



Our Investment Program is ideal for startups poised for growth. With an investment of $50K for a 3.5% equity stake, we’re not just an investor; we’re your growth partner to help you get to series A quicker. Our Investment program is a treasure trove of resources, including perks and discounts to give your business a competitive edge. The Monday Accountability Sessions ensure your week starts with focus and purpose, while our Monthly Mastermind, comprising four insightful sessions each month, is where strategies are refined and ideas come to life. The program also includes weekly 4 high-level pre-recorded training videos by experts to keep you abreast of the latest growth hacking techniques. Networking is key, and our warm introductions to VCs and investors from our network can open doors that were previously just out of reach. The Quarterly Demo Days provide a platform to showcase your progress and captivate potential investors. For startups that truly stand out, there’s the potential for a $1 million follow-on investment. And, of course, access to top mentors and experts ensures you have the guidance needed to navigate the complex business landscape.

– $50K for 3.5% equity

– Perks and Discounts

– Monday Accountability Sessions

– Monthly Mastermind (4 sessions each month)

– Weekly high-level growth expert training video

– Warm intros with VCs and other investors from our Network

– Quarterly Demo Days

– Potential for a $1 million follow-on investment

– Access to Top Mentors and experts


Step 1: Unicorn Optimization Score

Weekly calls with your coach to calculate your unicorn optimization score (UOS) and determine what sprints and workshops are going to have the biggest growth impacts for you.

Step 2: Your Accountability Coach & product fit roadmap

Weekly coaching with your assigned coach targeting tools. We start here and have accountability calls ongoing throughout the program.

Step 3: Build a bulletproof product fit

At Expert DOJO we help you build a maximum lovable product not something basic and minimum. Your customer deserves more and we help you deliver it.

Step 4: Aggressive Customer Outreach

80% of start ups fail to execute an aggressive outreach campaign – Expert Dojo are experts at these concepts and will make sure you are too, with monthly workshops to perfect your outbound strategy.

Step 5: Inbound Lead Conversion

Participate in weekly sprint programs that are curated for your needs. You will be placed into sprints that has the areas of expertise in which your startup is lacking.

Step 6: Investment Introductions

After finishing sprints and workshops and on the basis you are at a level 5 UOS, our investment team will make introductions to potential investors.


Unicorn Optimization Score

Unicorn Optimization Score – is a score we assign your business based on the combination of 4 assessments that guage how quickly we can get you to your next significant round. We combine these 4 areas so that you are able to fill your weak spots as soon as possible.

  • Round Optimization
  • Customer Optimization
  • Outbound Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization

Building a unicorn means that you need revenue of over $3MMR. Not everybody needs to build a unicorn but every company needs to maximize their growth so that you can sell your company in the future for the best possible exit price.

Expert Dojo use math, targeting and planning so you can quantifiably fix your barriers to growth and build a company that investors want to invest in.


Your Accountability Coach & product fit roadmap

A coach will be assigned to you for the duration of the program and is committed to your success within the Expert Dojo ecosystem.

Initially their focus is establishing your baseline UOS, as well as identifying the most suitable workshops, sprints and mentorship programs to get your growth on a fast track.

Your coach is there to hold you accountable to the commitments you have made, and will continue to make on your journey.

Your coach will also provide regular strategic planning throughout the program while you complete the ongoing cycle of sprints and workshops.


Aggressive Customer Outreach

Are you and your team doing all that you can to scale your sales growth? We have numerous examples of founders that felt they were, but are then shocked by all the modalities to market that they were not exploring, and one persons aggressive is another ones passive.

Are you emailing 5000 suspects per year/month/week or day?

How many suspects are your SDRs reaching? Do you even have an SDR?

Are you using Influencers?

Are you using hundreds of landing pages or email sequences effectively?

Do you have a relentless partner and affiliate program?

Do your enterprise prospects get reached out to weekly?


Inbound Lead Conversion

Is your existing sales and marketing team, doing everything possible to close inbound leads and to leverage those leads?

Does your website build trust? Or are you waiting for customers to meet with you before you build trust?

How long is your sales cycle?

How many meetings do you need to close a sale?

Remember founder led sales can only get you so far and then at some point you need to be able to get the power of leverage working in your team.

How effective is your messaging

How well have you build fan engagement with your customers?

In Japanese, the word "dojo" literally means "A Place of The Way."