A Dojo is where ninjas go to train with other ninjas


OUR Manifesto

We will only work with projects that have a transformative impact

We believe that properly targeted decentralization can overcome centralized power

We believe in people before nations

We believe in influencer-based collaboration over siloed innovation

More than anything we believe in the pure beauty of creativity

DOJO Crypto Steps

At DOJO Crypto we have a 5 step customer centric process


Step 1

We build emotional resonance through storytelling

Step 2

We build cults for good through understanding and messaging

Step 3

We build influence through relevance

Step 4

We launch tokens through off the wall and unique activations

Step 5

We extend token longitude through fan adoration

LIST of DOJO Companies

Zeeve – The Future of Blockchain Infrastructure

Rollups have emerged as a groundbreaking solution to the scalability challenges facing blockchain technology. However, the current landscape of rollups is fragmented, marked by disparate ecosystems and varying technology stacks. This division threatens to become even more pronounced, with tens of thousands of new rollups anticipated over the next three years.

In response to this growing complexity, Zeeve is proud to introduce Cero, a visionary initiative poised to revolutionize the rollup space. As the first-ever decentralized sequencer network, Cero aims to seamlessly unite the diverse rollup ecosystem. It offers a plug-and-play solution that transcends individual rollup stacks and enables aggregated liquidity. Developed by Zeeve, the world’s foremost infrastructure platform for Rollups and AppChains, Cero represents a bold step toward a more unified and efficient blockchain future, promising enhanced interoperability and accessibility for all. We are starting the pre-seed round of $2m and the larger private sale round of $7m after the TestNet launch in Q3, 2024.



Kredete – The Future of Fintech in Developing Countries

For years the African people have been taken advantage of by money transfer organizations who overcharged or underserviced. Kredete has changed this dynamic by committing to retrieve 1 billion dollars for the African people through the first ever blockchain based fair payment transfer system. This is an example of true transformative change which is only possible because of the decentralised technology available today. This is only the start and the reason why their round was oversubscribed before it was even opened. Watch for the token launch in 2049



Sprk – The Future of web3 Gaming

The founders of M80, one of the fastest-growing esports organizations on the planet, have decided that the time has come to truly build utility that matters for game lovers in Web3. Sprk is the first decentralized esports ecosystem built on blockchain. Sprk allows today’s gamers to compete in the world’s most popular esports titles, earn prizes and payouts, stake teams, and scale prize pools in ways never seen before. Sprk takes the technology of blockchain and applies it to the games we already play today, making it easy to understand for today’s Web2 gamer and builds trust in the bridge from web2 to web3 gaming user adoption.

Sprk allows anyone to host and run their own esports tournaments and set their own prize pools. We have decentralized the closed esports ecosystem of yesterday and opened up endless possibilities for tomorrow’s future esports players. Our validator mechanics allow users to earn currency and rewards by validating game results worldwide, which are then processed according to smart contracts for each event. Details regarding their 2024 public token will be shared first with our preferred partners.



Stealth private jet company – The Future of Decentralized Private Air Travel

Expert DOJO have always wanted to tokenize a private aviation company who are dedicated to carbon neutral travel and where the financing of the private planes are financed through the very users who love travelling on them. This project will be celebrity backed and celebrity beloved. The company already has fully electric private planes in use and wants to finance 300 more to dominate the skies around the world. This is a perfect use for blockchain to measure the carbon footprint and fractionalization to share ownership across the world. In the future they will add pilotless options for parcel delivery and ultimately for people delivery too. The world of aviation is about to change and it’s decentralised. The company has already raised tens of millions from some of the biggest names in tech. Expect a private sale in Q 3 2024. Details regarding their 2024 public token will be shared first with our preferred partners.


Geno Bank – The Future of Human DNA Knowledge Building

GenoBank.io’s Family DNA Kit functions as a Web3 Social Network for families, offering insights from various health specialists and genetic counselors. It’s not just another genetic testing product; it’s a gateway to a Web3 ecosystem, providing detailed genetic analysis that integrates with a social platform for interactive family health management.

The Unique Selling Proposition includes GenAI integration (GPT4 & Claude3) and direct access to health experts, enabling personalized health strategies. The platform secures genetic data with blockchain technology, ensuring privacy with consent tokens. Target marketing focuses on digital-native and health-conscious families, using educational outreach and partnerships to emphasize genetic benefits. Marketing involves influencer partnerships and events to showcase the kit’s value, supporting community building through online forums for family health discussions. Details of Genobank’s 2024 Tokenomics coming soon.



Geojam – The Future of Personal Entertainment

Our ERC-20 $JAM Token taps into the growing trend of rewarding users’ contributions online, serving as the currency within the Geojam ecosystem. It incentivizes engagement and drives demand, powering our business suite, trend tracker, and Talent Portal. AI-driven brand marketing campaigns, reward users $JAM for creating user-generated content (9.8x more effective in purchasing decisions). Our Talent Portal connects $JAM holders with world-class diverse talent, for everything from tweets to concerts to consultations, leveraging our partnership with major agency, WME. The possibilities are endless. While we are newcomers and mavericks in the space having just launched, we see significant potential for growth. Leveraging our unique value proposition, we aim to bridge the gap between mainstream social and web3, focused on a seamless user
experience. This token is already trading; however, the company will soon be launching their long-awaited product connecting influencers with experiences. The company expects this to have a significant impact on future company token economics.



Libera Global AI – The Future of Supply Chain & Logistics

In the bustling landscapes of emerging markets, Libera Global AI emerges as a guiding light for millions of nano-merchants, igniting possibilities previously unseen. It’s not just about selling data; it’s about unveiling the untold stories that shape the very essence of commerce. With unparalleled precision, Libera Global AI transcends boundaries, stitching together the fragmented threads of supply chains for consumer goods brands, infusing them with newfound purpose and impact. In these markets, pulsating with the heartbeat of up to 2 billion consumers, Libera doesn’t just make commerce visible; it makes invisible aspirations tangible. With each transaction, it’s not just data exchanged; it’s the promise of a brighter tomorrow, where every interaction resonates with significance, every product carries a story, and every merchant becomes a beacon of empowerment.

Libera is going live with Major brands in Indonesia today and is part of the new Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) with ByBit, lead investor Animoca Brands, and incubated by SingularityDAO, raising 5m USD in its current token sale.



Breshna – The Future of Decentralized Game Building

The Breshna ecosystem consists of an innovative product stack including a no-code game maker, an AI-powered text to game engine and a web3-enabled, carnival-themed metaverse. Breshna is launching its BRSH token economy that empowers users to showcase and monetize their snackable 2D games in a 3D carnival through a sustainable Make&Earn carnival economy.

The team has built the underlying utility of the Breshna token so that their users are not just creating and playing games TO earn tokens, as is the case in most web3 games, but rather getting rewarded with tokens while pursuing the primary goal of unleashing the power of no-code content creation through video games. Details regarding their 2024 public token will be shared first with our preferred partners.




The Force Behind the Launch:

Accelerating Your Token's Journey #Dojo_Way

Customer influence

Brian Mac Mahon

Brian Mac Mahon, the Head Honcho at Expert DOJO, the most active startup accelerator in Southern California, is dedicated to transforming early-stage entrepreneurs’ dreams into reality. With a focus on investment, foundation, showcasing, influence, and community, Brian empowers startups to achieve unprecedented success.

Brand Influence

Dana Strokovsky

Dana Strokovsky, a seasoned Marketing Executive, excels in Worldwide Digital and Social Strategies, Brand Positioning, and Integrated Experiences. With over 18 years of experience, Dana has driven creative excellence for giants like Apple, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. Her unique blend of journalism and digital branding skills has garnered her significant industry recognition.

Dana Strokovsky

Crypto Influence

Michael Terpin

Michael Terpin, a serial entrepreneur and investor acclaimed in blockchain circles, co-founded OpenCarbon. Leading Transform Ventures and Transform Group, he has influenced over 300 blockchain ventures, including Ethereum and Tether. Terpin’s pioneering work in crypto, alongside ventures in digital assets and emerging technologies, has solidified his reputation as a key industry figure.

Michael Terpin

Crypto Influence

Enzo Villani

Enzo Villani, a trailblazer in the blockchain, fintech, and capital markets sectors, is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Transform Holdings. With a rich background in M&A, strategy, and innovation at Nasdaq and various equity-backed companies, he’s a visionary entrepreneur steering Alpha Sigma Capital funds towards groundbreaking digital asset ventures.


Technical Blockchain Influence

Nektar Baziotis

Nektar Baziotis, founder of ICARUS AI and ENKI Inc., is a renowned entrepreneur and tech visionary with over 20 years of experience in AI, EdTech, and global business development. An MIT alumnus, he’s acclaimed for pioneering AI-driven e-learning solutions, impacting organizations worldwide including the UN and the European Commission.